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Vivian Bannister

No description

Susan Baker

on 12 May 2018

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Transcript of Vivian Bannister

Vivian Bannister
The Dinkan history involves tops because of their culture. Tops are becoming more, and more unpopular, but people say they will never completely get rid of them. They will wear scarves to cover themselves instead.


In the 1930 the literacy system was introduced, war caused the education system to disappear, kids did not go to school until the age of 10. It would be like going to 1st grade in 6th grade.

They don’t really have sports. They do play something they call "Mock Sparring" to play you use sticks and "shields". The point of the game is to improve fighting skills. Manute Bol is in NBA. He is from a Dinkan descent
Animals & Culture
Cattle is a big deal in the Dinka culture. The language is made off of characteristics of bulls. When a boy becomes a man, he is renamed based on the characteristics of his favorite bull.
Autumn Celebration
When the Dinkan are celebrating they do it together. The way that you show appreciation in this act of celebration is give up your favorite cattle.
Boys and Girls Jobs
Boys: hunt, and make tools for hunting.
Girls: walk to get water for their family, or work on housekeeping

Popular Food
Cow milk, fish, meat, beans, tomatoes, and rice are all popular foods in Dinkan culture.
Fun Facts
The population of Dinkan people is 4,000,000 people. They speak Dinkan, There religion is the Monotheistic Worship. The government is the Republic of Sudan. Due to the war there is no major cities (should be some soon) & real currency but they do trade goods.
The Sudanese flag is made up of three horizontal bands of red, white, and black. With a green triangle on the left side. The meanings of the colors are: red signifies the struggle for freedom, white is the color of peace, light, and love, black represents the people of Sudan, and green is the color of Islam, agriculture, and prosperity
The Dinka are found in Bahr el Ghazal, the upper Nile
Scarification is what happens once they have reached adulthood. The ceremony that that person goes through is scarification. Scarification is when a person permanently decorates the body. It is a very painful thing to go through. Scarification is because of culture, and it can look different in separate tribes. There are different scarification symbols from each tribe. Some tribes stopped scarring in the 1970’s, but others continued scarring until the late 1990’s. A brief description of the Dinkins scaring pattern is: ten or more straight lines going across the forehead.
These are girls getting water
This is a lady carrying water
This is Manute Bol
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