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English 2.0

No description

dan cotton

on 17 July 2016

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Transcript of English 2.0

English 2.0
New scores (600/700/750)
Same content as previous years
Validate each year as usual
You will be able to train on a mock test before taking the TEPitech
One TEPitech every 5 weeks, during the evaluation session.
What's new?
New module
Not only TEPitech (ex e-TOEIC) language skills
What is a language skill?
What about grammar and vocabulary?
European framework (levels A1 to C2)
Mixed years - Tech 3 with Tech 1, then Tech 1 with Tech 2
No more SUSIEs
TEPitech requirements
List of Language skills
Work on 3 levels (B1, B2, C1)
4 fields of work (oral comprehension, oral production, written comprehension, written production)
3 fields of application: everyday language, professional language, academic language.
Cold Case classes
Small groups
1 hour a week, 1 topic per session
You may register by yourself or be registered by the teacher
If registered by the teacher, it is compulsory to come
2015 - 2016 EPITECH
Tech 1
or 25 skills validated
Tech 3
Tech 2

Cycles and projects
A cycle lasts 5 weeks
Each cycle is a module, so REGISTER!
A cycle = 4 weeks of workshops + 1 week of delivery
Each cycle = 1 credit
You can choose your project (you can take 2 projects)
Register for the module AND the project you choose
Language skills and projects
Langage skill = know how TO DO something
5 language skills per project
Projects - 3 to 6 available per cycle
To have your credits you need to validate the 5 skills of the project during the delivery
Each project is organized into 4 workshops (one per week)
You will see several sessions of the same workshop on the intranet - select one that matches your schedule
When you are asked to prepare/watch/read something, DO IT or you won't be allowed to attend the workshop session
During week 5 of the cycle
You need to register for it
There is a grading scale for each project
When asked to hand something in DO IT
Be on time
Be prepared
1 delivery per project
If you fail you'll have to take 2 projects for the next cycle
Select your activities
Since your are quite free to select your activities, you are responsible for your progression
So before you choose your first project, read the project fact sheet ("fiche projet" on the intra)
Kick-off meeting - come and see what is going to happen during the cycle
The kick off session is compulsory
Guidance is organized every week by the teacher
It is an appointment on the intranet
You can register yourself or be registered by the teacher
If registered by the teacher it is compulsory to come
Talk about your situation, difficulties, methods,...
There is a grading scale on the intranet for that
Validate your skills - 5 per project
If you do less - next time you'll have to do more
If you do more - next time you can do less
More skills = higher letter grade
You'll find the documents on the intranet
You'll be asked to use the documents (e-learning or Yammer group)
You'll get some documents by mail
Use them!!
A new programme, a new opportunity
A new programme so there may be problems
Tell us and we'll try to fix them
Be positive
Change can be a good thing

Project examples
Grammar through games
Job interview training
Cross culture for business
Improve your listening skills
Case studies : settling conflicts
Create an advertisement
General knowledge Japan
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