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Kinds of Prose and Poetry

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Keith Feliz Banania

on 22 June 2015

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Transcript of Kinds of Prose and Poetry

Narrative Poetry
retells in a continuous narrative the life and works of a heroic or mythological person or
group of persons. It is considered as the oldest form of literature since its existence is known to
be along the ancient history.

The Iliad
An excerpt from epic by Homer
“The first prize he offered was for the chariot races- a woman skilled in all useful arts, and a three-legged cauldron that had ears for handles, and would hold twenty-two measures.”
is a song that tells a story, often one dealing with adventure or romance. Many ballads
employ repetition of a refrain or incremental repetition in which a refrain is varied slightly each
time it appears.
The Metrical Tale
is a narrative poem that relates to real or imaginary events in simple, straight forward language, from wide range of subjects, characters, life experiences, and emotional situations. The characters are ordinary people concerned with ordinary events.
Metrical Romance
is a long narrative poem that presents remote or imaginative incidents rather than ordinary realistic experience.
The Lord Randall (An excerpt)
Anonymous Traditional Folk Ballad (published by Sir Walter Scott in 1803)
“O where ha you been, Lord Randal, my son?
And where ha you been, my handsome young man?”
“I ha been at the greenwood; mother, mak my bed soon,
For I’m wearied wi hunting, and fain wad lie down.”

Types of Lyric Poetry

is a lyric poem set to music and is intended to be sung
is a fourteen-line lyric poem focused on a single theme.
is a solemn and formal lyric poem about death. It may mourn a particular person or reflect on serious or tragic theme.

is a long, formal lyric poem with a serious theme. It often honors people, commemorative
events, respond to natural scenes, or consider serous human problems.
Simple lyric or simply lyric
includes all lyric poems that do not fall under the 4 other types.
A narrative poetry tells a story in verse
Lyric Poetry
A lyric poem is a poem that expresses the emotions, feelings and observations of the
writer. Unlike narrative poem, it presents an experience or a single effect, but it does not tell a full
Kinds of Prose
Kinds of Poetry
The Basic types of literature and its subtypes

Fiction: novel, short story
Nonfiction: essay, editorial, news story, feature story, autobiography, biography, memoir, speech
Poetry: verse, narrative poetry, epic poetry, free verse, and many more
Drama: classical, tragedy, comedy
Fiction type of literature is made out of one’s imaginative and creative mind. The ideas are not true at all.Novels and short stories are best examples of fictional literature.
is the opposite of fiction. Nonfiction literature talks about factual information, real happenings. nonfiction can be broken down into categories
Nonfiction subcategories
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