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Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act

No description

Andy Glispie

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act

Opportunities to Weigh In
Agencies will solicit public comment on regulations

1-2 year transition period, states will be developing new state plans

Advocacy on funding

VPOTUS Review of Workforce Programs
Job-driven training principles across agencies and programs

Increasing apprenticeships

Accelerating industry partnerships under WIOA

Better performance data to inform consumers and employers
Pending Reauthorizations & Policy Debates
Higher Education Act
- Student loans & grants
- Data gathering
- Partnerships between education institutions &
- Improvements to remedial and adult basic
education (ABE) programs

Perkins Career & Technical Education Act
-Expanding the Program of Study model
-Outcome measures & transitions
-Industry engagement

Comprehensive Immigration Reform
-Integrated learning models
-Expanded investment in ABE and ESOL

Signed, Sealed, Delivered!
Annual increases

in appropriations

Restoration of the governor’s reserve

Clarification of “sequence of services”

6-year authorization term

Strengthened data and accountability measures

Better support for integrated adult education services

Strengthened and simplified performance measures

Better alignment across programs through unified or combined state plans

Required convening of sector partnerships

Promotion of best practices, including career pathways, integrated training models, credential attainment, and sector partnerships

Implementation Timeline
- DOL, ED, HHS publish
Notices of Proposed Rulemaking
to implement WIOA.

Provisions take effect
, unless otherwise noted; WIA State and local plan provisions continue to apply for the 1st full PY. Current performance accountability system remains in effect for 1st full PY.

7/22/15 - Eligible Training Providers
provisions are implemented by Governors and boards; Template for performance reports by state, local, and Eligible Training Providers must be developed by DOL & ED.

- DOL, ED and HHS must
publish Final Rules
to implement WIOA.

Deadline for state Unified Plan submission
; Levels for new performance indicators are negotiated as part of approval of State Unified Plans.

- DOL and ED must develop performance
indicator relating to effectiveness in serving employers.

- All provisions take effect.

NSC Priorities Areas for WIOA Implementation
Sector Partnerships
State plans & employer engagement
Performance measure for employer engagement
15% discretionary fund

Career Pathways
Concurrent enrollment permissible
Promotes integrated learning models

Data and Credentials
Single set of performance measures across all core programs
Performance measures for all programs must be calculated using UI wage records

WIOA sets program funding authorization levels for 2015-2020
Authorizes annual funding increases
These are only authorization levels: no guarantee funding will actually be appropriated at these levels

A post WIA reauthorization policy vision?
Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act
Andrea Glispie, MSW
National Skills Coalition
Minnesota Workforce Council Association Summer Meeting
July 30, 2014
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