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St.-Odulphuslyceum - Tilburg, the Netherlands

An introduction to our school. If you have any questions or if you are interested in international cooperation please send an email to nhesselberth@odulphus.nl

Niels Hesselberth

on 18 May 2018

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Transcript of St.-Odulphuslyceum - Tilburg, the Netherlands

Tilburg, the Netherlands
The school was founded as the Saint Odulphusgymnasium for boys in 1899 and remained the only boy gymnasium in the Netherlands for quite some time. It was dedicated to Saint Odulphus, a Catholic missionary from the 9th century who lived in the area. After the forerunner of the havo-department was added in 1917 the name changed to Odulphuslyceum. Girls first attended the school in 1969.
The school has moved three times, and the current building dates from 1930 but although being a monumental building, it has undergone several renovations, of which the last major one finished in february 2016. The school is now further modernized and fully equipped for the 21th century.
In 2014 the havo-department has moved to a building across the street and is of the same monumental status. The building has immediately undergone an immense modernization and has become a popular field trip for teachers from our country and abroad.
Our school is in the south of the Netherlands, very close to Belgium and thus very convenient in the center of several interesting sites, e.g. the cities of Amsterdam, The Hague, Brussels, but also Rotterdam and Antwerp with its huge harbors can all be reached within one hour. Also the famous seawater protection 'Deltaworks' and the German industrial center called the 'Ruhrgebiet' are within reach.
This makes our hometown Tilburg an ideal base for exploration.
St.- Odulphuslyceum - Location
Tilburg, our hometown
Our school is located in the heart of Tilburg. This is the sixth city in the Netherlands with around 220,000 inhabitants. Tilburg developed from several rural villages to a renown textile town in the late 19th and 20th century and has since successfully made the transition to a modern city with high-tech industries and all forms of education.
With a university
(5 faculties)
and 90 different classes at the Higher Education Level
(university of applied science).
Tilburg has become a major educational center. One out of seven inhabitants is in fact a student.
St.-Odulphuslyceum - history
St.-Odulphuslyceum - Mission
Our school aspires to be a school where students can learn with and from each other in a safe and well equipped learning environment. Open relations, trust, high educational levels, enrichment and responsibility are key elements.
We work with a Christian vision on man and society, in which next to own responsibility, caring for humanity and its surroundings, to see and to be seen, respect and tolerance are basic.
Within these borders our students are free to express themselves, and their opinion matters.
St.-Odulphuslyceum - Traditional
Our school has a long history and strong traditions. The Motto from our coat of arms 'Fortis in Fide' (strong in faith) still counts dearly for us. Nowadays the meaning is less spiritual but more signaling the trust and faith we have in our future because of the knowledge we acquired.
And the glass stained windows near the entrance still work as a guideline for what we try to achieve.
Our student-school paper 'PIT' (since 1943) made and printed by the students is the oldest one from the Netherlands, and our extremely popular summercamp (since 1950) is among the oldest ones around.
St.-Odulphuslyceum - 21th century
"Cherishing the old and embracing the new"
Although we love and remember our history and our traditions, we embrace the new possibilities and challenges the new millennium has to offer us.
The school has long been a forerunner in the use of computers and internet. Computer science has been a subject since decades and the former chapel was converted into a room with over 75 computers.
Also every classroom has a laptop with internet, which is also connected to a smart board to offer the best possible teaching conditions to our teachers.
Furthermore the students use the internet and computer programs on a daily basis for almost all classes and are taught to do presentations using all available equipment.
The new and modern way of education at the newly opened Havo-building includes every student having much more responsibility over their own learning process and having their own chrome book (laptop). Schoolbooks are quickly becoming rare there. The Vwo-department was competely renovated in 2016 and is now just as modern as the Havo-department across the street. The new students here now also work with their own chrome book.
St.-Odulphuslyceum - in Numbers
The Odulphuslyceum offers both the
pre-university education
(= Vwo: Atheneum & Gymnasium) and the
senior general secondary education
(= Havo). Circled in red, left side of the graphic.
At the end of the first year there are three options: Havo (four more years), Atheneum (five more years, no Latin & Greek) or Gymnasium (five more years, with Latin or/ and Greek).
Dutch education system
We are always critically looking at our work and not afraid to adapt or to innovate. Our new educational methods at the Havo-department are proof of this. Other innovations are the collaboration with Tilburg University to produce a better preparation for our students who are planning to study Economics at the university, called 'Econasium'. And of course the realization that our students work, study and travel all over the world. We needed to adjust to that, and we started with an extensive internationalisation program to give our students the chance to gain experience abroad.
Although Science, Mathematics, Physics and Arts have already been a subject at our school, we have now adopted the STEAM education to combine them and we will start implementation from the 1st grade onward.
Finally we are proud of our coat of arms (and our school anthem), but for the more daily use we have adopted a more modern logo.
St.-Odulphuslyceum - Talents
Among the huge number of gifted students who walk in and out our school each day, there are some remarkably talented ones. We try to give them an extra challenge or adjust their personal program, so they can spend more time and energy to perfect their ability.
Especially for this reason we are member of the ECHA-network (European Council for High Ability) and we have a professional on board to work with and to counsel the highly gifted.
Also there is someone who is looking after the talented athletes. Our school has produced several top athletes (beach volleyball, volleyball, softball, soccer, tennis, cycling, ice-skating and especially field hockey) winning national titles and even Olympic youth medals.
For those talented in art, music or theatre there are professional programs and chances to show (or listen to) their work.
St.-Odulphuslyceum - 'For each other'
With big letters the phrase in our auditorium says:
'Odulphus for each other'
, and we mean it.
Our students often call themselves an
"Odulphian for life"
and we are proud that the school enjoys a very friendly or even somewhat cozy atmosphere. This brings our students and our staff together. We try to help and look after each other.
We have a society of former students and staff members (growing in numbers every year) that helps us with knowledge or even funding. There is a strong bond with the school and we are proud of that. So the words
"I am Odulphus"
is often used in our advertisements.
And hardly any reunion goes by without hearing our school anthem, which is not in official use anymore. However it is sung everyday during the one week of summercamp in July.
St.-Odulphuslyceum - Charity
As part of our school mission, we emphasize on considering those who are not as fortunate as we are. Those who have to live or learn in dire circumstances or are even fighting to survive or to overcome their illnesses.
For those we have always tried to let them know that we care. We do so by contacting them or bringing them to our school to let them inform our students. It also comprises lending a helping hand and therefor supporting them with goods or funds. Sometimes this is done by a single action (mostly around Christmas time), but in other cases it involves a year round effort.
Among last years' charities were War Child, Aids foundation, Alp d'HuZes (cancer), and the Mustafa Quarmanschool in Aleppo, Syria.
This year we are supporting the Parikrma Foundation, Bengalore, India. This organization profides a school for children from marginalized families. Every year a group of our students will do voluntary work at the school.
St.-Odulphuslyceum - Environmental
St.-Odulphuslyceum - 'All over the world'
The internationalization program contains:
1. Internationally renowned language courses:
Cambridge English, Goethe German, Delf French
2. Student exchanges:
(3rd-6th grade - 14-15 years)
France, Spain, Italy, Estonia, Germany, Slovenia, China,
Iran, Thailand
3. Volunteer work
Parikrma humanity foundation, Bangalore India
4. Teacher exchanges/ visitations:
Denmark '14-'15 & Thailand '17
5. Foreign internships/ language schools
England, France, Slowakia
6. International projects:
(VAGAB '10-'12 & MAGIC '13-'15)
7. International Conferences & Contests:
Water is life (Singapore '14, Vught '16, Tokyo '18)
JSSF / Japan Super Science Fair (Kyoto '16)
ISSF / International super Science Fair (Busan '17,
Chicago '18)
8. Cultural group travels
(5th grade - 16-17 years)
Greece, Italy, Spain, Ardennen
9. Students working on research papers abroad
St.-Odulphuslyceum - Domestic Partners
(Ons Middelbaar Onderwijs)
We are part of OMO, an association of 65 schools in our region. The economies of scale and professional headquarters provide us with knowledge and financial backup needed for our international endeavors.

- Tilburg University.
We are a steady supplier of students and they grant us (and our foreign guests) access to some of their classes. As part of a collaboration between our economics classes and the university our students can follow classes at the university in a course called 'Econasium'.

- Fontys Higher education
(university of applied science)
We -again- are a steady supplier of students, but we also offer them traineeships for their teacher diplomas. In return they help us with workshops for our (and our foreign) students.

St.-Odulphuslyceum - Foreign Partners
Past and current partnerschools:
- Vordingborggymnasium, Vordingborg, Danmark
- Institut Roquetes, Roquetes, Catalunya, Spain
- Edith-Stein-Realschule, Parsberg, Germany
- Arna Vidaregåande Skule, Indre Arna, Norway
- Maria Skłodowska-Curie Comprehensive
School, Czechowicach Dziedzicach, Poland
- Collège Le Prieuré, Sambin, France
- 28th Gymnasium of Thessaloniki, Greece,
- Srednja ekonomsko-poslovna šola, Koper, Slovenia
- Gymnázium Ľudovíta J. Šuleka Komárno, Slowakia
- Jiangsu Xishan Senior High School, Wuxi, China
- Tianjiabing Senior High School, Changzhou, China
- Manzoumeh Kherad Institute, Theran, Iran
- Tallinna Humanitaargümnaasium, Tallinn, Estonia
- KVIS Kamnoetvidya Science Academy, Thailand
- A.-Einstein-Gymnasium Neubrandenburg, Germany
- Colegio San Gregorio, Aguilar de Campoo, Spain

Future Partnerschool:
- ???
Odulphus all around the world
St.-Odulphuslyceum - Impressions
St.-Odulphuslyceum - In a nutshell
We are a school with a long history, but although we cherish our past, we embrace the future. We want to prepare our students for their role on our green earth.
We do so by giving them knowledge and expertise. By teaching them how to use modern ways of learning and communicating. Even though we all identify with our school, we give them enough room to develop themselves as an individual and to be heard as such.
We make them aware of their fortunate positions and their surroundings and teach them they can indeed make a difference.
As our students ventured further and further around the globe, we gave internationalisation a solid place in our curriculum and we are looking for ways to expand it.
Not only for the experience from which they will profit in their lifetime of studies, travels or work abroad, but also here at home. For
"he who only knows his own culture doesn't even understand that one"
Head Principal
Mr. Frans Claassens
Principal Vwo / internationalization
Mrs. Marianne Dillen
Principal Havo
Mr. Jan Beesems
Coordinator Internationalization
Mr. Niels Hesselberth
The Odulphus aspires to be a school, which makes the students aware of the ecological impact we have on this planet. We educate our students on ecology during geography and biology classes, and there are several field trips where we emphasize the delicate balance of nature and ecosystems. Our participation in 2014-16-18 and even co-hosting the 'Water is Life' conference in 2016 shows how much we care about the precious water.
On a day to day basis, we have crews of students patrolling the school and surroundings for littering as part of a successful steward project.
Also we separate garbage and try to avoid the overuse of paper. We have drastically reduced the use of paper since the Havo-students mostly use their laptop and the Vwo-students receive a reasonable part of their assignments on the internet.
As part of the renovation we installed isolating glass, self closing doors and detection systems that turn off the lights when people leave the room.
2015 marked the 115th anniversary of our school

"115 years strong"
The school in numbers ...

Around 1250 students
(12-18 years old)
275 1st graders (either Vwo or Havo)
400 Havo
625 Vwo (Atheneum - Gymnasium)

105 teachers
6 management
27 supporting staff
Award for outstanding performance
under construction
under construction
Cultus Dei spiritual development
Cultus Proximi social development
Cultus Sui self-development
Cultus Artium artistic development
Vera Sapientia true wisdom
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