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Copy of Copy of Chalkboard Prezi

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Hope Cassidy

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Chalkboard Prezi

Major Elements of a
Teaching experience Once you can
Manage The three components
of teaching Different Some children are better in the classroom setting than others Useful The children need to feel like it's important for them to understand Pulling it all together So You Want to Be
A Teacher? Lesson Planning When you begin When you're talking 1. Choose your topic 2. Talk with the children about how they're doing Finally..... People Success! Take off... Let's Take a Closer L k the teacher Communicator
Role Model
Encourager PRIORITIZE loving the teaching the Students AND Teaching with passion Teaching half-heartedly over If you love,
You will be loved. Students Some children learn by touching
Some children learn by hearing
Some children learn by seeing The SUBJECT geometry math history science physics Bible multiplication English geography PE Let's Say........ recipe for spinach soup But the King's favorite food was SPINACH SOUP And he was coming for dinner Now you want to learn how to make it Why? Because it's important to you in your lesson most importantly remember that Everyone is Provide a
Presentation Incorporate
Hands On
Activities Explain
with words UNDERSTANDING! For this example, a story
(Daniel and the Lion's Den) 2. Decide what your main point or idea is Q: What do I want my students to remember?
A: God will always protect those who trust in Him 1. Welcome each child individually Hey there,
Tim! Rachel, it is
SO good to see
you today!!! Hi Jesse!
I think that shirt
looks awesome on
you! really good! not so hot 3. Start off with an energy-outlet Sing a song & Dance around (Don't be afraid to go a little crazy) MINDSET
Use intonation and excitement in your voice.
(LOTS and LOTS of it!!!) 2. Keep it simple
Don't give them an overload of information 3. Use analogies Speak their language
Help them understand
Keep them interested
it's kinda like.... = 1. Speak with authority A Small Example Daniel and the Lion's Den My Lesson During the lesson
I... loved my kids engaged in conversation let them know they were special Clued in on my main point showed a three minute video
about what we had talked about Had all of the kids color
Read the lesson
excitment exageration questions made time for energy bursts Lesson Planned Lesson Taught Finished Well Go Ahead.
You're Ready. everyone left with
a smile
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