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Paranormal activity basic

No description

English4callcenters .com

on 5 February 2016

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Transcript of Paranormal activity basic

Paranormal activity
Warm Up
Pair up and answer the question below. Then share your answer with the class
Interview a famous person
Impersonate a famous person and answer the questions from classmates
Life after death?
Role Play
A. You have ghosts in your house, call the ghost busters.

B. You are a ghost hunter, ask the person to describe the ghost
By the end of the lesson you will be able to:
Talk about any paranormal experience you might had in the past.

Give your opinion about ghosts.

Discuss about life after death
Do you believe in ghosts? Why?

Use the following vocabulary to tell a story about a scary moment in your life.
Video Technique
Your coach will select some students to give their opinion about the following questions
What happens after you die?

In my opinion, when you die you go to hell or heaven according your behavior in life
A. You are very scared because you saw a ghost.

B. Try to calm your friend down.
Choose a role play, practice and act it out
Mental Training
Practice your mental training with your coach and repeat with confidence
Watch video #12
Repeat with confidence:
"I am the best"

"I believe in myself"

"I practice English everyday"
Fluency diet review
Pair up and practice the questions below. Then your coach will select some students to go to the front
What do you ______?
Your coach will explain you and then you give your own examples, make positive, negative and questions.
Grammar Review
Wrap up
Your coach will select 1 or 2 students to come to the front, and they will do a recap.
Explain what happened during the class from the beginning till now.
30 seconds non stop

What are your plans for ______?
What did your ____ do yesterday?
Simple past
Past progressive
Grammar test
Solve the following test on your notebook.
I ____(feel) really tired. I (go) ____ to bed.

Where did you go? I(go) ______ to visit a customer.

Do you want me to help you? No thanks. I already (do) ___ it

I (eat) ____ pupusas in the morning.

She (study) ____ marketing in 2001.
Translate the sentences below from Spanish to English.
1- Mi hermana me hará un favor.
2- ¿Vamos a comer a la Herradura más tarde?
3- El próximo año no visitaré Nueva York.
4- Ellos van a ir a la fiesta mañana.
5- Habrá mucha gente en consuma.
6- ¿Vas a ir tú a la escuela el viernes?
Where do you live? What do you do?
Role play 1
Role play 2
Watch the following video and answer the questions
What kind of transportation was it?

What happened to the people?

Who was the girl dancing with?

Do you think the girl survived?
Devil's hour
Freak out
: One day I was alone at home, when suddenly I heard some

on the roof.
Wrap up
Your coach will select 1 or 2 students to go to the front and they will do a recap
Describe in your own words what you did since you walked into E4CC until now

Fill in the blanks
Your coach will explain to you the grammar chart. Pay attention
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