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COM10006 Week 13

Knowledge and Ethics

Lucy Nicholas

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of COM10006 Week 13

Ethics, critical thinking and overview...
Final Week!!!
Reasons for Critical Thinking
Differences and Similarities
1. Interrogates unspoken premises and values

2. Encourages 'critical reasoning' and 'higher order thinking skills: interpretation and synthesis

University: More than just memorising information!
: abstract rules or commands to be followed e.g.

Christianity: ten commandments

Kantian ethics: categorical imperatives

morality judged on outcome e.g.

Utilitarianism: Greatest Happiness Principle
Ethical Frameworks

What essays need to demonstrate: creation of knowledge, synthesising information in to something new

Making an argument with reasons, premises and evidence towards a conclusions

Conclusions of analytical essays
Critical Reasoning and Higher Order Thinking Skills
Diff expectations for psych and soc essays

Different referencing systems

Format: Headings, title etc.


Basics of analysis, evidence and
structure remain
Competing Theories. No 'truth' = Analysis and a Line of Reasoning
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