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The World is not a Pleasant Place to be

No description

Juanita Libreros

on 6 December 2014

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Transcript of The World is not a Pleasant Place to be

Yolande Cornelia "Nikki" Giovanni Jr.

She was born on the 7th of June 1943 (age 71) Knoxville, Tennessee. Nikki Giovanni is a world-renowned American poet, writer, commentator, activist, and educator.

The title basically gives away the main idea of the poem, that the author thinks the world isn't a pleasant place to be without someone. Since Giovanni at the time was going through hardships with her own relationships, the poem says how a companion is needed to survive through the difficult times of life.
Nikki Giovanni
I think this poem is going to be about a family that had to go through something hard.

I thought this because the title says that it isn't a pleasant world so the family might be sad and depressed.

Lines 1-3: The world isn't going to be a joyful place if there isn’t anyone to hold you and who you can hold

Lines 4-7: A river would be unnecessary if the flow of it just stopped where the stream received it.

Lines 8-10: An ocean wouldn't have its water and waves if the clouds weren't there to "kiss their tears" or give the ocean its water and by accompanying it.

Lines 11-13: The world is definitely not a joyful place to be in without someone
the world is not a pleasant place
to be without
someone to hold and be held by

a river would stop
its flow if only
a stream were there to receive it

an ocean would never laugh
if clouds weren't there
to kiss her tears

the world is not a pleasant place
to be without

The World is not a Pleasant Place to be
Written By: Nikki Giovanni

Imagery (Stanza 2 and 3):

Personification (Stanza 3):

Alliteration (Line 3):

Repetition (Stanza 1 and 4):
It makes the reader imagine the situation of the river and the ocean. The author uses sound, sight and touch to achieve this imagery.

This personification gives human characteristics to the clouds and the ocean.

With this alliteration the letters 'h' and 'b' are repeated to cause a slight rhythm and rhyme.

This repetition repeats the first and last stanza to create a change of perspective of the poem.
The attitude of this poem is sad, depressing, and it demonstrates these feeling about the world.

I believe this to be the attitude because throughout the story it describes sad stories that can be related to her message of not being alone in the world.
I believe the shift happens at the end of the first stanza which is on Line 3.
Where it says:

the world is not a pleasant place
to be without
someone to hold and be held by

I think this because everything that comes after this stanza supports it. This also changes the perspective of the story with the strong shift.
The title relates to the poem because throughout it the poem expresses different comparisons to why the world is not a pleasant place to be without someone.

This is because the comparisons she makes are about having company in the world and going through some struggles together.
'Don't take the people you have in your life for granted because the world isn't a pleasant place to be in without someone.'

I believe this is the main theme because in the poem it states different example to how the world wouldn't be pleasant if no one is by your side.
By: Juanita Libreros
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