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Textile Industry By Lily Huizinga

No description

Curt DeYoung

on 13 April 2018

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Transcript of Textile Industry By Lily Huizinga

Textile Industry
By: Lily HUizinga
What Is The textile industry?
The Textile Industry is the creation of clothes in the 1800s. It became very popular and spread across the nation. The textile industry had machines that could create clothes much faster than hand making clothes.
How did the industry reach the usa?
What types of machines did they use?

The sewing machine was a very important invention in the 1800s. It was invented by Elias Howe.
An Englishman named James Hargreaves invented the spinning jenny in 1764 which spun yarn.
in 1786 Edmund Cartwright invented the steam-powered loom which could weave cotton.
The textile industry created boy clothes like overalls.
They also created girl dresses and gowns.
Men got coats and top hats.
and women got dresses and cloaks.
The textile industry began in england. francis cabot lowell visited england and noticed the amazing machinery for clothes that they had. he took notes and brought them back to america. he created his own company called the boston manufacturing company. from this the fashion business sky rocketed.
Sewing Machine
Spinning Jenny
Steam-Powered Loom
Francis Cabot Lowell
Womens Dresses
Womens Bonnet
Mens Overalls
The textile induistry was super important and made a huge impact on clothes today. without the amazing machines invented we would still be handsewing clothes. the textile industry is one of the reasons of what makes america today.
amazing inventors!
Elias Howe
James hargreave
Edmund Cartwright
Effects Of The indsutry
What clothes did they make?
Materials They used
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