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Now, let's discuss infinitives as appositives.

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Elizabeth Brathwaite

on 4 April 2017

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Transcript of Now, let's discuss infinitives as appositives.

Is the infinitive an S, SC, DO, or Appositive?
Warm Up
The bolded words are gerunds and participles because:

John's regret was
the plants.

beam broke into pieces.
Now, let's discuss infinitives as appositives.
Appositives fully rename and define a noun. That noun can be a subject, SC, DO, or IO.
My goal,
to run three miles without stopping
, meant running and stretching frequently.
The goal,
to learn perfect square dancing
, was a challenge.
Red appositive renames the subject.
The club declared the policy,
to meet every week. and discuss new business.
Red appositive renames the DO
We gave the challenge,
to walk across the room on our hands
, a fair chance.
Red appositive renames the IO.
Happiness is our goal,
to do jobs and activities that bring us joy.
Red appositive renames the SC.
To read makes people intelligent and wordly.

Teachers persuade students to complete their homework daily.

We made the plan, to eat a late dinner, last week.

Most nights, I prefer to sleep with the fan on.

My idea is to swim in the ocean every day.
Now, let's look at exercises 1 and 2 on pgs 98 and 99.
Let's pick up where we left off with Anne Frank.
Finish ex 1 and 2 on pg. 98 and 99.
Book review and planning sheet due 4/10
vocab 13-15 review unit due 4/6
1-15 vocab test on May 1st
How is the atmosphere changing in Anne Frank between characters?
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