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Feminism and Gender Bias

Religion project presentation.

Stephanie Newman

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of Feminism and Gender Bias

Feminism and Gender Bias "Women can do anything men can do,
and we can do it in high heels" "Women are always beautiful" What is feminism?
What is gender bias?
Isn't is funny to think that you hear women say all the time "If I were a boy...", "I wish I were a boy...", or "Being a boy would be so much easier..."; but you almost never hear men say the same about being a girl? Audio-visual portrayals of issues facing women in developed countries:
What did this video mean to you? What did this video mean to you? Video Discussion:
What was the message in these videos? In your opinion, which video most effectively communicated this message? Why? Why is the message important? Are these videos realistic? Do you think the problems portrayed are actual issues in the U.S. today? Unfair difference in the treatment of men or women because of their sex Belief in the need to secure rights and opportunities for women equal to those of men, or a commitment to securing these rights Do women face problems in the United States or in other developed (first-world) countries? 18.9% of juniors believe that gender bias in the United States is not an issue or is only a slight problem! Do women face problems in undeveloped (third-world) countries? 5.4% of juniors believe that gender bias around the world is not an issue or is only a slight problem! Audio visual portayals of issues facing women in undevloped countries: Video Discussion: What was the message in this video? In your opinion was the message in this video communicated effectively? Why? Why is this message important? Is this video realistic? Do you think that the problems portrayed are actual issues in the world today? Do women face problems in the United States or in other developed (first-world) countries? Do women face problems in undeveloped (third-world) countries? Dove chocolate "share and tell" I Am Beautiful, I Am Equal Pledge What did this video mean to you? "I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is: I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat."

So what does all of this information mean? Women are catching up in this game of equality, this battle of the sexes, but things are not yet equal!! Examples of female domination: Examples of male domination: -Women are actually the majority of payroll employees -Americans who use high-tech biology to try and pick a baby's sex seek a girl far more often than a boy -90% of America's inmates are male -The National Honor Society reports that 64% of its members are girls -79% of elementary school girls can read a profiecient level compared to only 72% of boys BUT WAIT! -62% who earn perfect scores on the S.A.T.s are boys -Over a 40 year career a man earns an average of $431,000 more than a woman -60% of women in the world are missing because of gender discrimination -5,000 women are killed each year because their inlaws consider their dowries "inadequate" -2 million girls each year are gentially mutilated usually by the removal of their labia minora or clitoris -On average white women only earn 77 cents for every dollar earned by men with the same education and experience doing comparable work in the same place of business... -African American women were paid only 62 cents... -And Latinas only 53 cents! -Women in the Catholic Chruch have faced a long history of discrimination and inequality prompting Pope John Paul II to write an enitre letter of apology to women everywhere. As you can see the list of male domination is much longer than the list of female domination and though many believe that equality exists between males and females this is a horrible falsehood! Only about half the junior class believe that feminism deals with a "hear and now" issue! 40% of the junior class believe that the discrmination of people based on their sex is a natural thing, therefore it's okay! The term third-wave was coined to describe 21st century feminists. Third-waves rally around the idea that women's choice is the most important goal. A third-wave once said "I am a stay-at-home mom. Does that fact make me any less of a feminist? No, because it was solely my choice to raise our next generation of forward thinkers. " Some facts: -Even today there are certain jobs where the criteria is not whether or not a person can lift a heavy load or run so fast, but instead whether or not you are male. Who- Hillary Clinton, Esther Peterson, Mother Theresa What- National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, United Nations Entity for
Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) Where- Convention on Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) Women's Conference in Beijeng When- This is an issue that has stretched throughout history and will continue perhaps indefinitely, unitl full equality between genders is reached. Why- Women's rights is something that has been long neglected, unfairly. The time has come to strive for equality in every area. In Catholicsm:
Mercy connections- Anti-Human Trafficking Project, Support for Treaty on Women, Embracing of the Bill of Rights for Women established by the CEDAW. From Pope John Paul II's Letter To Women:
"In the past women have often been unacknoledged and misrepresented and the Catholic Church is working to correct this injustice. Jesus treated women with openness, respect, and acceptance. There is an urgent need to achieve real equality in every area, equal pay, compensation for working mothers, career fairness, and equality fir spouses, this is a matter not only of justice but of neccessity!"
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