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How does Clash of Clans negatively affect people in todays s

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Connor Machell

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of How does Clash of Clans negatively affect people in todays s

How does Clash of Clans negatively affect people in todays society?
What is Clash of Clans?
I believe Steven Tweedie from Businessinsider.com.au's article titled 'Why Clash Of Clans Is So Incredibly Popular' summarizes it the best:

How are Supercell making so much money from a 'free' game?
While Clash of Clans can be installed and played for free, most of the upgrades takes several days and lots of in-game gold to finish, but players have the option to improve their bases quicker by spending real money to instantly finishing these upgrades and get in-game gold
In 2013, Supercell raked in $892 MILLION dollars from the "free" game Clash of Clans, and today they make over $5 million every day, with many players devoting more then 16 hours a day to play it. While these stats are insane, why and how can this game be so popular with people all around the globe? With over 59,954 new users every single day, it is clear Supercell must be doing something right. But while this game is popular, there is several clear negatives. We will be looking at these.
Clash of clans is a mobile game similar to many others, although the problem with the game is that many find it to be extremely addictive.
"The game revolves around the idea of fortifying a base, defending it from invading players and their clans, and raiding the bases of others in order to gain resources and start the whole process over again. The gameplay is addicting, and because logging off means leaving your base wide open for a raid, the game’s top players stay glued to their screens."
Why is this bad?
Why is this bad?
Spending hours every day on any game is clearly a terrible habit, and can negatively impact peoples lives, especially adolescents. While this does take away time they need for school work, sleeping and even eating in some cases, this is especially bad for certain Clash of Clans players since they don't only spend 1 or 2 hours playing, many spend up to 16 hours every day playing Clash of Clans.
How can we stop these habits?
The best way to stop this is to help people from spending so much time playing. This can be done by:

Introducing new activities
Explain the negatives
Take away their devices
Limit their gaming hours
Many adolescents spend all their money on the game, instead of saving their money for things that will help them in life. In some cases children have even stolen their parents credit cards to spend money on the game. This is absolutely unacceptable considering that they can be playing the game for completely free.



An example of an in-game 'Base' from one of the worlds best Clash of Clans players
Every single item you see would've
taken WEEKS to make.
An interview
We will now be having an interview with Benjamin Cumines, an ex-avid Clash of Clans player who has since overcome their addiction
Thanks for watching!
Hopefully after seeing this presentation you will
think twice before spending money or precious time on Clash of Clans, and be able to inform others about the bad choices they are making.
By Connor Machell
Year 10 HPE Assignment
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