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603 Health and safety awareness for catering & hospitality

No description

Danny Davies

on 24 January 2017

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Transcript of 603 Health and safety awareness for catering & hospitality

The Manor at Bickley, Health and Safety awareness and manual handling
Health & Safety
H&S is vital when working in the catering industry.
The first video clip shows what can happen in a kitchen if we are not concentrating. The second shows us just plain stupidity.
Video Clip 1 (Look away if you are squeamish)

Health & Safety
In the first video clip what could the chef have done to prevent the accident?

Lets have a look at this clip.

What should have the chef done?
Health & Safety
Benefits of good health & safety practices
Preventing accidents
Health & Safety
Employees (take care of their own health and safety at work, take care of the health and safety of others, cooperate with their employer).
Employers (provide and maintain a workplace which is safe and healthy, provide and maintain equipment which is safe, deal with chemical substances safely, provide a health and safety policy statement).
Why is it good to work safely?

What benefits would it have for you and your employer?

If we did not follow H&S procedures what would happen?
Some terms and abbreviations you may come across in the catering industry:

Environmental Health Practitioner (EHP)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

Manual Handling

EHP - .........

PPE - .........

PAT - .........

Manual Handling - ............
The Manor at Bickley
Health & Safety Presentation
Health & Safety
Answer, in your own words the following questions....

What does Health & Safety (H&S) mean to you?

What can you do to ensure you follow H&S rules?

What can others do to help?

What have we learnt?......
This presentation will help you understand Health & Safety in the workplace

Develop your knowledge in the many areas H&S covers within the workplace

Develop your understanding of the consequences if not enforced
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