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603 Health and safety awareness for catering & hospitality

No description

Danny Davies

on 17 January 2017

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Transcript of 603 Health and safety awareness for catering & hospitality

Health and Safety awareness and manual handling
Objectives of the lesson
Over the next few weeks we are going to learn about the importance of Health & Safety.

The unit is split into three sections; the first section, task A will require you to answer a short test paper, task B is about identifying and describing safety signs and the final section looking at hazards and how to prevent them.

This session is going to involve....

Define health & safety as terms

Describe possible accidents in the kitchen and how to prevent them

State the responsibilities of yourself, the employee and the employer under the Health & Safety Act
Individual work

What does the term health mean to you?

Jot down what you think safety means?

Health & Safety
H&S is vital when working in the catering industry.
The first video clip shows what can happen in a kitchen if we are not concentrating. The second shows us just plain stupidity.
Video Clip 1 (Look away if you are squeamish)

Health & Safety
In the first video clip what could the chef have done to prevent the accident?

Lets have a look at this clip.

What should have the chef done?
Health & Safety
Benefits of good health & safety practices
Preventing accidents
Health & Safety
Employees (take care of their own health and safety at work, take care of the health and safety of others, cooperate with their employer).
Employers (provide and maintain a workplace which is safe and healthy, provide and maintain equipment which is safe, deal with chemical substances safely, provide a health and safety policy statement).
Why is it good to work safely?

What benefits would it have for you and your employer?

If we did not follow H&S procedures what would happen?
Some terms and abbreviations you may come across in the catering industry:

Environmental Health Practitioner (EHP)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

Manual Handling

Use your netbooks to summarise what each one means.
EHP - .........

PPE - .........

PAT - .........

Manual Handling - ............
Health & Safety
When working in the kitchen other than your chef whites what could you also be asked to wear to protect yourself when cooking and cleaning?
What may be the purpose for this additional equipment?
Next Week
Individual work...
Make a list of certain types of PPE and why we wear it?

Jot down when employers should give us PPE to carry out certain jobs and what are our responsibilities for wearing it.
Re-cap on this lesson through quiz
Fire triangle - causes and prevention of fire
Hazards - identifying them and how to put them right
Identifying signage around the college
To Begin.....

ID Badge


Objectives of the lesson
Develop learners understanding of Health & Safety in the workplace

Develop knowledge in the many areas H&S covers within the workplace

Develop understanding of the consequences if not enforced

This unit requires a short test paper to be completed. Two sessions will be given on the theory.

Everyone collect a netbook and turn on.......
Health & Safety
What does Health & Safety (H&S) mean to you?

What does health mean?

What does safety mean?
Outcomes of the lesson
What have we learned?......
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