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Christmas Carol flow chart

No description

derek young

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of Christmas Carol flow chart

Scrooge decides to live his life differently. He goes to his nephews house for dinner and give him open arms. THE Christmas Carol Flow chart. Marley's Ghost Scrooge was going home and when he got there he saw Marley's face on the knocker. When scrooge went inside Marley's ghost came and warned scrooge that 3 spirits will come and visit him. The second of the 3 ghost. The second of the three ghost comes and takes scrooge to his Christmas present. He was the next scary ghost of the three. The First Of the 3 ghost. At 1o clock the first of the three ghost came and took scrooge the his Christmas past. He was the least scarest ghost of all. The last ghost. The ghost of Christmas yet to come takes scrooge to his future and scrooge sees his grave . He was the scary-est ghost to scrooge. Scrooge was a mean spirited man who hated Christmas and did not like to hear about it. He had a black soul and a mean spirited heart. Derek young
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