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Oak Woods & Prairies

Ecoregoins of Texas

Andres Hernandez

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Oak Woods & Prairies

By.Andres Hernandez Elevations range from 300 feet above sea level in the southern portion to 800 feet above sea level in the north. Elevations
Characteristics of the Land Average Rainfall in the Post Oak Savannah is approximately 35 inches in the western countries to 45 inches in the eastern countries. Precipitation Forested areas in the western region of the Poast Oak Savannah are generally restricted to bottomland areas assosiated with water,in areas protected from fire,or those with specific soil types. Topography
Characteristics of the Land Bottomland soils range from a clay loam to clay,while the uplands have a sandy loam or sandy soil. Soils
Characteristics of the Land Rain is 35 inches in Oak Woods & Prairies,
but in the west.In the East,its 45 inches. Weathering The process of eroding
or being eroded by wind,water,or natural agents. Erosion Counties in OAK WOODS AND PRAIRIES The process in which sediment (formed during
erosion) is laid down in a new landform. Deposition Thanks for watching!
By.Andres Hernandez
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