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See You Again/Stay With Me Mash up

No description

Sanaa Syed

on 5 October 2015

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Transcript of See You Again/Stay With Me Mash up

When Izza suggested we do this song, we instantly liked it. Its a song that was written in the memory of Paul Walker one of the actors in multiple fast and furious movies. We liked that it had both a rap and singing part so all five of us could have equal vocal parts.
See you again/Stay with me mash up
What changes did you make? Does it change the mood of the song? Why or why not?
For our song, we mashed up two songs, See you Again by Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth and Stay with Me by Sam Smith. We added a tambourine and bells to the mash up. While one person(Sanaa) is playing the first three notes to Stay with me on the piano.At the same time as the pianist another person (Kasduri) is playing the intro notes on the bells of the song See You Again,just for the beginning.
What kind of dynamics do you hear in the original song?
The dynamics we heard in the song were a high and low note (decresendo)
What would the original tempo marking be?
Why did your group choose this song?
What does this song mean to you?
What instruments were originally used for this song?
See you again- Piano and Drums

By: Charlie Puth & Wiz Khalifa/ Sam Smith
Stay with me- Piano, Guitar and Drums
See you again - 144 bpm

Stay with me - 88 bpm
This song was created in memory of the late Paul Walker and to us this song is a reminder of the great work Paul Walker has done in the movie series Fast and Furious.
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