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Zayai asdafafa

on 5 January 2014

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Transcript of LED ZEPPELIN

Robert Plant
Robert Anthony Plant was born in England on August 20, 1948.
Is Rock composer and singer, known worldwide for being the lead singer of Led Zeppelin.
Children and Youth
Plant grew up in West Bromwich,
the son of a civil engineer and a gypsy.

Since childhood he was interested in singing and especially for blues music.
At 16 years old he ran away from home and sang for several bands: The Crawling King Snake Blues Band, The Delta Blues Band, etc.
In 1966 he formed a group called

but there was no great success.
Later, he formed another called
The Band of Joy
, this was successful in clubs, but for various reasons the band ended up separating.

Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin was a British rock band, considered one of the best musical groups in history.
It was founded in 1968 by guitarist Jimmy Page.
Plant meets
Jimmy Page
in a concert with
(a musical band) and then you join
Led Zeppelin
, still known as
The New Yardbirds.
Robert Plant recommended
John Bonham as drummer for the group.
It was also part the band John Paul Jones, he played bass and keyboard, mainly, and many more instruments.
The logo of the band there 4 different symbols, these symbols represent each member of the group:
Jimmy Page
John Paul Jones
John Bonham
Robert Plant
Robert Plant married Maureen Wilson
on 9 November 1968
After having met her 2 years ago, the same year his first daughter was born: Carmen Jane.
His first album with the band was published on January 12, 1969, under the name of Led Zeppelin.
At first, the British public did not respond very enthusiastically to the release of the album.
But in his first North American tour (thanks to the explosive performances of the band), the album garnered a huge critical and commercial success, especially in the United States.
In 1969 they released their second album, reached number 1 on the British and American charts, surpassing even The Beatles.
In 1970 their third album, Led Zeppelin III is released, after which some have accused the group of being a commercial setting, due to the intimate nature of acoustic songs.
It took the criticism personally and his fourth album called
Untitled Four Symbols
, was the best selling and popular.
It is known that the change of voice suffered Robert Plant in 1973, although no one knows the true cause.
Plant had a car accident, traveling with his wife, and did not fully recover until after 2 years. The recording of the album Presence (1976) was performed with Plant in a wheelchair, and the long absence of the group on stage caused rumors of a split
In 1980, John Bonham's death marked the end of Led Zeppelin and the beginning of his solo career Robert Plant.
His first son died six years of infection, later born Logan Romero, his second son, and finally her third child was born, Jesse Lee, with the sister of his ex-wife.
When Led Zeppelin broke up, Robert joined other blues bands, and later recorded his first solo album.
Between 1986 and 1987, Plant is dedicated to forming a new band. One member of this band, Charlie Jones, married his daughter Carmen.
In 2002, after nine years of break from his solo career, Plant released the album titled Dreamland, the album was nominated for two Grammys.
In 2005, he published a new album, Mighty Rearranger, considered the best solo album of his career.
Plant In 2009 he was awarded the Order of the British Empire and in 2010 reorganized Band of Joy, starting a tour.
Although in 2007 returned to play with the band Led Zeppelin, now, Robert Plant, at 65 years old, continues his solo career.
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