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No description

Keegan Idler

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of Dermatomes

Walk like a Gorilla
All the sensory nerves
They exit from your spinal cord
To a specific body region (an area)
And we call this a dermatome

To get the general idea
Think evolutionarily
Our ancestors (oh whey oh)
They walked on all four limbs

Before we stood up, we used to say
(chimpanzee sounds)
Walk like a gorilla

C1 has no dermatome
So just C2 through S4
They go down (oh whey oh)
Your body trunk in perfect order

C2, C3, and C4
They’re on your head and your neck
C5 through C8 (oh whey oh)
They go down the back o’ your arm

So now that we’ve got the cervical
(chimpanzee sounds)
Just walk like a gorilla

(a rhythmless, out of tune, stolen song)
By Keegan Idler

T1 goes down the front o’ your arm
And across your chest
Other thoracic (oh whey oh)
Just go down your trunk 2-12

The lumbar chords
They go to the front o’ your legs
The sacral chords (oh whey oh)
They go to your butt and on down

Just remember your ancestors
And that they had a tail
And that some details (oh whey oh)
They were glossed over

So all the kids in SGL 6 say
(chimpanzee sounds)
Walk like a gorilla
Walk like a gorilla

Note: I glossed over hands
and feet

*S5 and coccyx have tiny sensory area of tailbone (sometimes?)
*Our patient likely has C7 problems, e.g. superficial radial nerve compression
*S2 wraps around to groin area, lower chords all center on tail area
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