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Terrible Terrel

Ke'mani Smith

Agassi Student

on 26 October 2016

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Transcript of Terrible Terrel

The genre
The genre is realistic fiction it is realistic fiction because this can happen in real life also if your dad was single and you didn't like the lady that your dad was seeing also she had a niece that your dad knew you dont like
main characters
Terrel:Only girl in the family, her mom died when she was six
Terrel has a plan
The heart
The heart of the story is treat people the way you want to be treated.April got disrespected by Terrel because April was very disrespectful to Terrel .
Whoopi Goldberg is a staring actress in multiple shows and movies such as The Talk, The View, The Color Purple, Ghost,and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Terrible Terrel
All About Me
Terrel is a young lady that does not like people bossing her around.She is also a ballerina that takes over the house because her mom died when she was only six-years old.Now she is eight and is better than ever.
Tai:Terrel's big brother that wants to be a hair stylist when he grows up
Edward:Terrel's oldest brother that is practically a grown up
Danny:Terrel's brother that loves her and takes her anywhere she wants to go
Cheng:Terrel's youngest brother out of the boys that will do anything for her
April:Terrel's sworn enemy and her aunt is dating terrel's dad
Marjory;Aprils aunt that is dating terrel's dad and loves him
Mr.Liu:Terrel's dad that is in love with April's aunt Marjory
Epatha,Al,Brenda,Jerzey Mae, Jessica,and jo'ann:Terrell's friends
Multiple settings
In the kitchen after grocery shopping

At the grocery store

At ballet practice


Sleeping Beauty Recital

Terrel has a plan that her and her friends came up with, and they want her dad to stop dating Marjory the plan is for Terrel to act bad around her dads date so she will never come back.
The plan that they came up with didn't work because everytime she tried to act bad around Marjory her dad would always walk in after she made her plan in her head.
At the end of the story the two girls got together because they talked it out and realized that they had the same back story and put there madness aside because of the grown-ups and they wanted them to be happy together.
thank you
thank you for letting me use your spare time so than you and i really cant wait to hear the rest of yours also I hope you loved my presentation and thank you.
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