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The Robonaut 2

No description

autumn morrell

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of The Robonaut 2

The Robonaut 2
What task does the robot perform? What human function or task does this robot simulate?
The Robonaut 2 can perform tasks such as changing an air filter and it is also used during precursor missions to bring a set of tools for future missions so they wont have to bring a new set every time.
Where is the robot used? What is its work envelope?
It is used in the International Space Station and it has three flexible joints. The Robonaut 2 has a flexible set of arms with a shoulder, elbow, and a wrist. It has a dexterous hand with five fingers that simulate a human hand. It has 3 degrees of freedom in its neck, 12 in its hands, and 7 in its arms.
Is the robotic end effector multi-functional, if so what other task can it perform?
The robotic end effector is multi-functional it can pick up a blanket, an envelope, and grip a dumbbell.
How is the robot taught to perform its tasks?
The Robonaut 2 is programed to perform the tasks it is given by using a computer that is stationed in the stomach of the robot.
What sensors does the robot have and how does the robot use these sensors?
It has visual processors and three hundred and fifty force and torque sensors.It has 2 cameras to create stereo vision, it has 2 auxiliary cameras and an infrared camera for depth perception.
Name some advantages
The advantages of using the Robonaut 2 is that it can take over simple repetitive or especially dangerous tasks on places like the International Space Station.
Describe the impact that this robot has had or could have on its intended audience
It has had a great impact on Astronauts because it has allowed them to stay focused while the Robonaut 2 does the simple or repitive tasks and also it allows the Astronauts to do the things they're qualified to do. It keeps them safe by performing dangerous tasks.
Name some disadvantages
The disadvantages of the Robonaut 2 is that it may malfunction or disconfigure a part causing it not to work.
the space robot
What types of jobs/careers can this robot create to provide employment for people?
The jobs and careers that this robot has created are engineers, programers and software designers. It has also created jobs for people to research the data the Robonaut 2 collects.
Predict and exlain how this robot may be altered to perform more or different tasks in the future
The Robonaut 2 can be altered by adding legs that way it can walk and wont get stuck on the mission. It may also be altered in the future to become the first robot butler.
The Robonaut 2
By :Autumn and Christa
The End
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