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Science presentation -Venus-

Venus presentation made by Danny & Lauren.

Danny Kim

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Science presentation -Venus-

Venus A year in Venus 224.7 days!!! Reflect the light from the Sun. How can we see Venus? Like other planets! How big is it? Bigger than the Earth? NO WAY!! Smaller than the Earth? YES!!! Venus is 644km
kilometer smaller
than the Earth! Earth : 12,744 km! Venus : 12,100 km! WOW!!! I bet u did not know
that!!! LOL Does Venus has
any naturall satellite?
There are no known natural satellites on Venus. Picture of Venus By : Danny Kim and Lauren Liu Venus is the
3rd brightest
planet in our
galaxy! 1st, brightest Star : The Sun 2nd, brightest Satellite : The moon The planet Venus is the
second furthest from the
Sun. Venus is 95% smaller than the Earth! Scientists call Venus, the Earth's twin! Venus is made of sulfuric
acid (oily type of acid) surrounding all over the
planet!! Venus and Earth; Twins! The Solar System! This is Venus Did you know? Venus is the only planet
that spins backwards! Even though Mercury is closer to the Sun,
Venus is hotter! The surface of Venus is about
480 degrees celsius!!!! Wow! Thats deadly hot! Venus is named after a Roman Goddess
named Aphrodite in Greek language! A day in Venus is longer than a year
because of the rotation! Aphrodite (Venus) is the Goddess
of love and beauty! There are no moons in Venus,
but there are moons in Pluto! Venus has mountains that
are higher than Earth! Maxwell Montes at 11 km
high! Venus is also known
as the Morning and Evening
star! Hey Bob, what do you know
about our next destination? Hmm...not really sure Tod,
maybe we could ask our
relatives there... When it rises or sets a few hours before, or after the Sun, it can be seen just before sunrise or just after sunset as a bright morning or evening star.
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