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The Birth of the Confederacy

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Ryan Bishop

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of The Birth of the Confederacy

The Birth of the Confederacy How it came about: Because of the election of the 16th President of the United States, most southern states felt as if they were no longer a part of the country anymore. They felt as though the ideals of the northern states were completely different from their own. They though that since they joined the Union volunatarily, then they could leave voluntarily. They felt like they were being ruled by the North, so they made their own government. Confederate States of America 1.)South Carolina
11.)North Carolina Seceded from the Union with a vote of
169-0 on December 20th, 1860. Seceded on
January 8th, 1861
with a conference
held in Jackson.
The vote was
84-15. Seceded from the Union a day after
with a
held in
They voted
62-7. On January 11th,
Alabama voted to join
to secede with a
meeting in Montgomery
where the outcome was
61-39 in favor of secession. Voted 209-89
for secession on
January 19th in a town
called Milledgeville On January 26th,
Louisiana seceded
with a
meeting in
Baton Rouge. The
vote was 113-17. Texas seceded from the Union by a vote of 166-7 on February 1st in Austin. Fort Sumter Fort Sumter was a miltary fort located in South Carolina. Just six days
after South Carolina seceded, United States Army Major Robert Anderson without orders from Washington seized the half-built fort. He thought that it would be wise to seize the fort to delay South Carolina. The officials of South Carolina repeated told Anderson to leave the fort. When he did not leave, the militia of South Carolina surrounded the fort and trying to starve out Anderson and his troops. President Lincoln then sent reinforcements and food to the camp. On, April 12th, 1861, South Carolina made an attack on the fort. This was the beginning of the Civil War. The attack was successful. When Lincoln heard of the attack, he was very angered and he called for 75,000 volunteers to stop the rebellion. He expected for the rebellion to be quickly put down, but it did not happen as he planned. Virginia seceded from the Union
on April 17th by a vote of 88-55. Arkansas joined the Confederacy on
May 6th. A meeting was held in
Little Rock in which the
vote was 69-1. Tennessee quickly followed Arkansas, joining the Confederacy on the same day by a
vote of 66-25. On May 20th, North Carolina became the last state to join the Confederacy by a unanimous vote. The Constitution of the Confederate States of America The Preamble The Constitution of the Confederate States of America The Constitution of the Confederate States of America closely resembled the United States Constitution. It was adopted on March 11th, 1861. It gave executive power to a president and vice president. It also set up a bicameral legislature with a Senate and House of Republicans. The Confederacy almost completely copied the United States Constitution, with a few exceptions. The Confederate States of America And so, with a Constitution, people, and land, the Confederate States of America was now its own country. Jefferson Davis was elected as the first and only president. Alexander Stevens was elected the vice president. Even though the creation of the Confederate States of America was successful, the country itself did not last for very long becasue of the Civil War. Conclusion Because they did not feel that they were a part of the country anymore, 11 states seceded from the United States of America and formed the Confederate States of America with their own government they way they thought it should be done. In defending their own land, they started the American Civil War, the deadliest war in American history with an estimated death of 750,000 soldiers.
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