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The Life Of Nathan Garner

No description

Nate Garner

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of The Life Of Nathan Garner

The Life Of Nathan Garner
An Autobiography
My Life and Some Memories in 18 pictures
Where I've Lived
Year Zero
Born Dec. 24th, 1996, appx 7pm
Year One
Look at those ears!!
Year Two
Year Three
Woody, from Toy Story, became my favorite toy as a child
Year Four
Dec. 1st, 2000, I become a big brother for the second time.
Year Five
Fishing with Dad and Ian.
I also started Kindergarten in the fall of 2001.
Year Six
I was at a carnival riding lady bug carts
Year Seven
1st Grade
2nd Grade
Erie, PA
Farrell, PA
uck, VA
leton, VA
3rd brother, Rian, born Jan. 21, 2004
Food: Lo Mein
Leisure Activity: Videogames
Vacation: OBX
Subject: History
Teacher: Mr. Clark
Historical Period:
Top 10 All Time Favorite Songs
In The End - Linkin Park

Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

Iridescent - Linkin Park

If Today Was Your Last Day - Nickelback

Fire & Fury - Skillet

Here Me Now - Hollywood Undead

My Body - Volbeat

Awake - Godsmack

Beautiful - P.O.D.

Bleeding Out - Imagine Dragons
Top 10 All Time Favorite Movies/ TV Shows
Harry Potter 3

Big Bang Theory


Stargate SG1

Walking Dead

Impractical Jok

Star Wars Saga

The Hobbit: Part 1&2

Transformers Saga

Stargate Atlantis
I became a big brother Dec. 16th, 1998, when Austin was born
Year Eight
3rd Grade
This year I got to take a field trip to Heinz Field, home of the Steelers.
Year Nine
4th Grade
I got my Steelers jersey signed by Troy Polamalu at a basketball charity event!
Year Ten
4th Grade
I got a chinchilla, which I named Chin.
Year Eleven
5th Grade
This was my first year in Virginia after moving from PA.
Year Twelve
6th Grade
I played tackle football this year, but quit when I didn't enjoy being put on the O and D line as a skinny kid under 100 pounds.
Year Thirteen
7th Grade
The Penguins won the Stanley Cup, so my family went to Pittsburgh for the celebration parade. I got a high five from the head coach too!
Year Fourteen
8th Grade
8th Grade Formal dance with MacKenzie Earl
Year Fifteen
9th Grade
I became a big brother for the 4th time when Zac was born Dec. 27th,2011
Year Sixteen
10th Grade
For my 16th birthday, I had a paintball party. It was my first time ever playing paintball, and I went 11-3. Not bad!
Year Seventeen
11th Grade
I had a New Years Eve party with all my friends
Favorite Films of Mom and Dad
Top Gun
Dear John
Its a Wonderful Life
Love & Other Drugs
Friends w/ Benefits
The Notebook
Back to the Future 1,2,3
Star Wars I-VI
American Pie
Bad Boys
Favorite Songs of Mom and Dad
Glory of Love- Peter Cetera
Get Into the Groove- Madonna
Like a Virgin- Madonna
Its Not Over- Daughtry
Overcomer- Mandesa
Same Old Lang Syne- Dan Fogelberg
Shine Jesus Shine- (God?)
Love Story- Taylor Swift
September- Daughtry
I Miss You- Klimax
Crying Like a B**ch- Godsmack
Awake- Godsmack
Lift Me Up- FFDP
One Step Closer- Linkin Park
Ten Thousand Fists- Disturbed
Vilify- Device
Another Way to Die- Disturbed
Remember Everything- FFDP
Whiskey Hangover- Godsmack
Dragula- Rob Zombie
Where Was I When...?
...9/11 happened? At day care.

...war in Iraq started? In 1st grade.

...Obama was elected? Watching his inauguration from my business classrom in 6th grade.

...Bin Laden was killed? My dad woke me up and told me before school.
Where Were My Parents When...?
...the Challenger exploded? Mom & Dad: Watching launch in school.

...Berlin Wall came down? Mom & Dad: In college.

...Clinton was impeached? Mom: Teaching in Erie.
Dad: "I don't remember."

...9/11 happened? Mom: Teaching me in day care
Dad: At home cleaning his guns "getting ready for war."
My 3 MVP's
Signed Steelers jersey
Xbox 360
Driver's License
5 Items To Be Stranded With On An Island
duct tape
Top 5 All time Favorite Books
Harry Potter 6

Hunger Games: Catching Fire


Blood On The River

My Idol
He proved that by following your dream, you can reach it if you are determined.
Criss Angel:
Master Magician
I Am (Not)
I am...

Irish, German, Swedish
A procrastinator
Athletic (when I want to be)
Bad at making lists
I am not...

A singer
A spender
Easy to awaken
Strong (Physically)
A theif
A tanner
The Hardest Time I Laughed Was When
During a conversation at the lunch table, my friend said, "My uncle raises emus." But I thought he said, "My uncle raises Hebrews."
Let the religious jokes fester in your imagination.
My Most Embarrassing Moment
Oct. 3rd, 2013: Day of the Exploding Milk
During lunch, one of my friends put a chocolate milk in the middle of the table up for grabs. I quickly reached for it, but so did another friend. Although I was victorious in aquiring the milk, he got enough of his fingers on the carton to tear the top of the milk open. As I pulled it toward me in that moment of survival-of-the-fittest, I became dairy drenched and sticky for the rest of the day. To this day, I look both ways before reaching for food in the middle of the table.
My Favorite Quote
"You step outside, you risk your life. You drink some water, and you risk your life. And nowadays, you breathe, and you risk your life. Every moment now you don't have a choice. The only thing you can choose is what you're risking it for."

-Hershel Greene, from the Walking Dead
Where I See Myself
In 5 years
In 10 years
In 20 years
In or graduating college
With a job and a girlfriend or wife
Raising a family of my own
Trash Day
I didn't have much trash this day, but from this collection, one can see that I was still eating my Christmas chocolate, I drank water bottles to help me practice hockey, and my nose runs a bit when it is frigid. If you're wondering about the bottles and how they could be used for hockey, I tie the empty bottles to the corners of the hockey net and aim to hit them to improve my accuracy. I also enjoy frozen foods, such as the pot pie.
Historically Personal Timeline
Born Dec. 24th, 1996
Finished Personal History Project Jan 9, 2014
The Euro was introduced Jan. 1st, 1999
9/11 Sept. 11, 2001
Pittsburgh Steelers win Super Bowl XL 21-10 Feb, 2005
The U.S. hits the biggest recession since the Great Depression, in 2008
Osama bin Laden killed May 2nd, 2011 at 1 am
I get my braces on April 3rd, 2004
I move to VA from PA in the Summer of 2007
Got my first airsoft rifle Dec. 24th, 2012
Dear Mom and Dad,
Thank you for teaching me to love and care for others. Thank you for teaching me to love myself as well. Before someone can be happy and enjoy life, he/she needs to learn to love him/herself. Thank you also for teaching me to be respectful. Planting the seed of respect sprouts the flower of maturity, which you have watered and witnessed bloom throughout these 17 years of my life. It amazes me how many people are disrespectful and immature in today's world. But, I know that because of your childhood guidance, I will strive against the chaotic grain of society and stand out as my own person.
I am your grandfather, Nathan Garner. The only thing is- I'm 17 years old and am writing this letter to you in January of 2014. I am in 11th grade and am busy with school, family, and relationships. My favorite class is Graphic Imaging, and my favorite things to do are play hockey and video games. I will finish high school soon and hope to get into the Carnegie Art Institute of Pittsburgh or Full Sail University in Florida.
My parents were very supportive while I was in high school. I'll never forget when they encouraged me to chase my dreams. One rule they made me follow when I was in high school was to go to so that I won't be tired in the morning. This was the best rule because I could stay up as late as I wanted. When I have children I will have them be scholars and be respectful of adults. One major responsibility that I had in high school was to take care of my brothers while my parents were away. This required a lot of responsibility, but I had enough to handle it. One thing my mother always said was, "everything happens for a reason." I know I still live by that rule today.
While in high school, the thing I will remember most about my freshmen year was meeting new friends. The person I won't forget from my freshmen year was Nathan Holliday, one of my best friends. I will also never ever forget about Homecoming with Tia during my sophomore year. In my early years of high school, I worried a lot about my future and career.
One thing I worried about during my junior year was getting enough volunteer hours for the National Honor Society. I also worried about relationships because it was my first year going to prom and I didn't have a date yet. One thing I never had to worry about though was being fed and sheltered because my mother made her children her #1 priority. The thing I was happiest about was my step dad's recovery from complications during surgery because I wanted my mom to be happy. I got mad when my brothers got annoying.
During my junior year, the cost of gas was about $3.10. The cost of my favorite meal at Chic-fil-a was $6. My favorite music album that came out this year was Living Things by Linkin Park. My favorite actor was Tom Hanks because he was astounding in every role he played. My favorite movie that came out this year was Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Other popular movies this year were: The Hobbit part 2, Divergent, and Thor 2. A phrase that my friends and I used the most was "for days." Among my friends, I'm known as the smart one.
In 2013, the style for teenagers could be said to have been disturbing. It was common to see twerking, duck faces, and yoga pants when walking down the halls at school. I usually get to school by 7:10 am. After school, I do homework, hang out with friends, and watch sports. For fun, I like to play video games. My hobbies are drawing, hockey, and airsoft. My favorite sports teams are the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Pittsburgh Penguins.
Our current president is Barack Obama. He'll be remembered most for being the first black president of the U.S. Some historic events that happened recently were the Curiosity rover landing on Mars, Nelson Mandela's death, and the Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia. The biggest problems facing our county and state this year are the stability of the cattle gates and a shortage of rednecks. The biggest problems facing the world are starvation, money, and war.
I have pets- a chinchilla named Chin that I got when I was 10 and a cat named Kiki. The latest technology this year is the smartwatch; the gadget that I cannot live without is my Android smartphone. My favorite vacation was to Cedar Point with my family when I was 16.
Eventually I'd like to marry my best friend, Tia, after I've graduated college and live in a house with 2 kids. I hope to travel to Ireland sometime in my life to see the Cliffs of Dover. My dream vacation would be to another life-supporting planet. I hope for the future that society fixes itself. My advice to you, future grandchildren, is to stay classy.

Sincerely, Nathan Garner

Dear Future Grandchildren,
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