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Kaiden White

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Blackholes

Parts Of a Black Hole How Many Black Holes Are There? Yes, a black hole can grow in size. It becomes
larger when it sucks in nearby objects.Anything that enters a black hole can not escape so anything that doesn't keep a safe distance will get swallowed. Despite it's reputation black holes with not suck in anything within 10 miles. Black holes mostly consume gas and dust which is mostly all of space but, some black holes are large enough to consume
whole stars. They can also grow by colliding
with other black holes. There are so many black holes in the Universe it is impossible to count them. Scientist's estimate there is about 100 million black holes in our Universe. Fortunately, the Universe is big enough that none of the known black holes pose any danger to earth. The nearest black hole from earth is 1,600 light years from earth. Only about a dozen black holes have been identified the others are invisible to the human eye . Black holes have three main parts, the first layer
is called the Outer Event Horizon, the next layer is called the Inner Event Horizon, the center of a black hole is called the Singularity. The Outer Event Horizon has the weakest gravitational pull, you would still be able to escape if you entered the
Outer Event Horizon. The middle layer of a black hole is much stronger than the first. This layer
does not let go of anything it captures. The
center of a black hole is called the Singularity, it
squashed up star. The Singularity is where
the gravity is the strongest. Black holes By:Kaiden White Blackhole A black hole is a region
of space where gravity is so strong it prevents anything,even light from escaping. It absorbs all the light from the horizon and reflects nothing. The black hole gets its name from its appearance. Black holes are formed by stars. When a star runs out of fuel or dies it can't sustain it's own weight. The pressure of the stars massive size press down making to progressively
smaller and smaller. It
will eventually become the size of an atom. When a star becomes smaller it's gravity becomes much stronger and pulls it in tighter. Can a Black Hole Get Bigger? How Black Holes
Form Quiz 1) How do black holes grow 2) How do black holes form 3) How many black holes 4) What are the layers of the black
hole 5) Is it possible to escape a black
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