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English Midterm Examples

Directions and examples of 1st trimester midterm: Where do I belong?

Jennifer Heymoss

on 25 January 2011

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Transcript of English Midterm Examples

Midterm Project: Where do I belong? 1. We've spent the last five weeks focusing language, power, and identity. 2. Many of the people in our reading, listening, and viewing selections were trying to reclaim or find their identities. 5. You may use whatever medium you'd like: Glogster Animoto Posterboard Artifact collection... 3. Your project will be an
artifact collection containing items that answer the question:
Where do I belong? 6. Requirements: Ten items At least one paragraph per item that describes the item and how it is a part of your identity. You may include anecdotes in your paragraph. Examples: 4. Focus on your language and your understanding of the word "identity."
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