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wendy banos

on 13 April 2016

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Transcript of Tuberculosis

Is a disease caused by a bacteria. Mycobacterium tuberculosis is the organism that is the causative agent for tuberculosis.
coughing that lasts three or more weeks
coughing up blood
chest pain, or pain with breathing or coughing
unintentional weight loss
night sweats
loss of appetite
spinal pain
joint damage
swelling of the membranes that cover your brain
- meningities
liver or kidney problems
heart disorders
Risk Factors
Weakened immune system
Diabetes HIV/AIDS
Very young or advanced age
Cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy
Severe kidney disease
Traveling or living in certain areas:
Africa Asia
Eastern Europe Russia
Latin America
Caribbean Islands

Types of TB
- Latent TB
you have an infection but the bacteria remain in your body in an inactive state and cause no symptoms but isnt contagious
- Active TB
makes you sick and spreads to others. it can occur in the first few weeks after infection with the TB bit might occur years later.
chest x-rays and a sample of sputum are needed to see whether the person has TB disease.
Tuberculin skin test: is performed by injecting a small amount of fluid into the skin in the lower part of the arm
Mode of transmission
TB is spread from one person to another by:
sneezes speaks sings

Signs & Symptoms
most likely you catch it from people you interact daily than from a stranger. People who have active TB and had appropriate drug treatment for at least two weeks are no longer contagious.
Types of test:
Blood tests
Sputum tests
Most common TB drugs:

The CDC recommends that people should be screened for latent TB infection. This recommendation includes:
- People with HIV/AIDS
- IV drug users
- Those in contact with infected individuals
- Health care workers who treat people with a high risk of TB

Tuberculosis is prevalent in sub-Saharan Africa and in southeast Asia, it is more common in Eastern Europe than Weastern Europe
Wendy Banos-Martinez
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