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French and Indian War

No description

Denilson Montalvo

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of French and Indian War

The British wanted to get in on the fur trade and wanted to expand westward. Problem is, the French were already there. Many of the colonists began to pass the Appalachian mountains and the French were MAD. Determined to keep their land, they fought. Here are the basic reasons the war starter:
Britain and France fought for land many years
Colonists cross Appalachian into French territory
France determined to defend their land
Major Events/Battles
French and Indian War
In The End...
The war ends with the Treaty of Paris.
1689 Britain and France fought over land for many years
1740 Britain settlers crossed the Appalachian Mts. for fur and fertile land to settle, the land belonged to France
1753 France was determined to protect its land and rivers needed for transportation
1754 Native Americans sided with the French and fought a war against the British and the Colonist.
1755 Benjamin Franklin tried to unite the Colonies under one union, the plan was called the Albany plan "Benj," (my man), got shot down.
1763 The British won the land in the Ohio River Valley, the French are forced to leave and Proclamation Line of 1763 forbids colonist to move past the Application Mts.
What was so great about the fur trade that the British just HAD to come in? In the beginning of the settlement to the New World, the French came and befriended the Natives. They found an abundance of beaver fur and began to trade with them. There was a massive success and the trade flourished!
French Leaders
Ohio River Valley
Fur Trade
The Natives lose but end up with quite a it of a reserve.
The British/Colonist win with all land east of the Mississippi R.
Spain, who played a little part, get all the land west of the Mississippi R. since they were allies with France.
Of course this causes HUGE debt with all countries involved.
Major Effects of War
BY: Alexia, Jessica,Denilson, and Bilal
What is this ? The Ohio River Valley was the land that the French were settled in. It was pretty much the center of their trade with the Natives.
Indian Leaders
The French lose ALL their land.
They give it to the Spanish and England.
The Natives get put on reserves for the rest of the lives basically getting kicked out.
The British Win!!!!
But of course there will be WAR DEBT!
They may have gotten land but somebody has to pay and it isn't the King.
That's when IT began for them.
British/Colonist Outcome
Chief Pontiac was an Ottawa leader in the seven years war. He contributed greatly to the French and Indians. He was known for leading Pontiac's Rebellion. He died at age 49 in the province of Quebec.
William Pitt, also known as "The Great Commoner",was a British general in the French and Indian war. He was also the secretary of state under King George II. He was known for capturing Fort Duquesne from the french in the war. The city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is named after him. He died in England on May 11, 1778.
British leaders
George Washington was the general for the colonies in the French and Indian war. He was known for capturing many forts from the French in the war. He died on December 14,1799 in Mount Vernon, Virginia.
George Washington
Leaders and Importance
The major leaders from the thirteen colonies and Britain were: -William Pitt -George Washington The French and Indian leaders were: - Marquis de Montcalm
- Joseph de jumonville. The French and Indian war was important because Spain and England increased their and France lost all of their territory in North America.
Marquis de Montcalm was the french general in the seven years war. He had many great strategies that helped France greatly.His most significant achievement was when he captured fort ticonderoga.He died in the battle of the plains of Abraham.
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