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The Amusement Park

No description

Darla Jean-Jacques

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of The Amusement Park

The Amusement Park
Orange Arrow = Triangle
Grey = Angles
Blue = Congruent Figure
Yellow = three - dimension al shape
3 dimensional Triangle
6 l
12 w
15 h
The transformation of these rides go through the same path as a shape does. Think of the grid and its starting point is in quadrant 1 (far upper right side). Its point is 9,12 and translate 5 left 3 down. Basically the ride rotates counter-clockwise all around then translate in different corners.
You aren't being propelled around the track by a motor or pulled by a hitch. The conversion of potential energy to kinetic energy is what drives the roller coaster, and all of the kinetic energy you need for the ride is present once the coaster descends the first hill..
Trusses are used in the design of some amusement parks because that's what helps most of the ride up and strong. Along with that, Trusses are what give the ride an uphold and exciting movement as it moves around.
Potential & Kinetic
Pythagorean Theroem
Similar to
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