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Language & Literature FOA 1

No description

Nandini Bansal

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Language & Literature FOA 1

Newscast Analysis
Tumblr Post Analysis
different perspective on youth violence
medium that would reach out to a different demographic
anonymous message sent to Tumblr user knock-out-1234 that posting those videos is a problem
blogger knock-out-1234 replies with what they're posting is beneficial for the people in the video
theme of pop culture
Comparison Cont.
Newscast vs. Tumblr Post
Tumblr Post
Comparison Cont.
Newscast vs. Tumblr Post
Newscast vs. Tumblr Post
- Different texts are more effective for specific audiences

- Newscast uses the persuasion of technique and the power of emotion

- Newscast uses the shocking technique vs. Tumblr post which uses the conflict technique

Language & Literature FOA 1
Violence Amongst Youth
By: Nandini, Raeesha, Ana
- Focus of violence amongst youth and the impacts on our society while raising awareness
- Ms. Zupu,educated expert, is professional by presenting facts and evidence (reliable)
- Raise awareness and inform adults about youth's violence
Type of Text
- News Report: video's are more powerful than print ads
- Targets emotional part of brain
- Biased towards adults
- Formalism approach: meaning in the many stylistic devices
- Language of Persuasion
- Standard English used by reporters vs. pedantic language used by expert
Stylistic Devices
“violence involving youth can take many different shapes and forms and involve many different types of people”
“terrible trend with teens”
“want a warm, welcoming world”
“These 2 or 3 minutes of pure recorded violence is enough to get people hooked to the point where it is like substance abuse”
“This is clearly a global health problem and fights like these are only the start of youth violence” and “It can lead to more severe acts”
“The bittersweet truth”
- Adults: Specifically those that interact with teens
Ex. Parents or Teachers
Approach to Text
- Tumblr post targets a large audience: can be posted on many different social networking sites

- Both are relatable by target audience: stronger connection means more interest

- Culture has shaped the language used by each generation
(Older generation: formalism vs. Younger generation: reader response)

- Issue manly impacts North Americans

- Every issue has different perspectives - both texts biased towards own side
Context of Interpretation
Context of Composition
Media Justice
Significance of Meaning
Diction was literary and formal. Concrete/specific and euphoric sounding;
The tone was very professional and factual
Diction was connotative;
Started by discussing the logistics;
How the violence was being presented
Understanding the reason for the occurrence of these videos.
Proceeded to talking about the negative effects present in our youth today.
Finally, they talked about how this affects the viewer
How this very negatively affects our society now
How it will continue to in the future
- Disempower youth while empowering adults
- Contradicting: "How will
behavior affect the functioning of
- Reflects social, political, and technological environment by challenging it
Violence amongst the youth negatively impacts them and our society as a whole
Important for consideration as:
Further articulates and supports opinions of authors
Better understand the target audience
Better understand the intentions of authors
Time in which:
Youth are looked at as “rebels”,
Reporters believe it is their duty to inform the adults of this and find solutions
Written in the same time period as when the viral video was posted
Influential factors:
Following social morals and standards
Many opinions out for viewing by the audience
Target Audience: Mainly adults who interact with teens on a regular basis
Tumblr Post Analysis
audience that probably consists of teenagers
paying little attention to grammatical structure, spelling, typing errors, and the use of any literary devices
blogger offended
aggressive response
lack of consideration to grammar and spelling
Viewers can use own personal experiences with teens to relate to the perspectives of the authors
Their own bias kicks in when listening to the authors explain badly-behaved teens
Thus, they agree with the reporters even more
Tumblr Post Analysis
Produced a lot of demeaning and negative imagery towards youth
They are privileging the power of adults
They are “putting down” youth
Dominant media system are the adults:
They are the ones who are telling the story
They are the ones trying to find solutions (the good guys)
Can understand the goals and intentions of the authors

Convince viewers of their opinion

Support their opinion by continuing to watch their News Reports and staying updated
no negative effects on youth
Fugate is content with the attention
response states
“there isn’t a ‘violence problem’ [because] nothing has changed since our parents or grandparents were kids like us”
violence is a regular part of growing up
nowadays, fights can be recorded and published online
this option is helpful for people in order for them to become well-known and liked
proof of homemade videos working in favor of people who have become celebrities
ends with aggressive conclusion
Tumblr Post Analysis
informal English
grammatical, spelling, and typing errors
little to no punctuation
capital letters weren’t used correctly
helps author relate to the audience of teenagers
simple and relaxed form of English makes this text more effective
Tumblr Post Analysis
basic words
bland diction
“like, take a minute to think of how everyone got famous lol.”
author did not choose diction purposefully
did not provide many details
Tumblr Post Analysis
use of current pop culture slang and acronyms
“laughing out loud” or “I don’t know”.
not used as interjection, but a sentence filler or an automatic end
acronyms, shortened words (like ‘srsly’ instead or ‘seriously’), and general style of writing make post difficult to comprehend
Tumblr Post Analysis
short sentences, direct and tense to show passion
longer sentences, distancing and reflective to show the greater thought and complex ideas
change of sentence structure show a shift in tone
the author is defensive:
“thats not my problem lol”

then shifts the tone to seem friendly
“if they asked, i would take it down.”
Sentence Structure
Tumblr Post Analysis
unprofessional tone
audience feels like they're reading harsh opinions of a young, uneducated, and aggravated person
harsh tone and mood
post sounds like a school ground fight rather than an organized response
no imagery or regard to literary devices
further creates simple/basic tone and mood
Tumblr Post Analysis
refuse idea that violence is a problem
compare the amount of violence between modern and older times
justifies blogger's intentions/actions
show proof of a happy and well-known Miranda Fugate
overall post short
images which can make it more eye-catching
italics and bolding to emphasize
overall informal and simple structure and syntax
username of this blogger, knock-out-1234
anonymous question could show fear of blogger

Clip of Shovel Video
- Features of video taken into consideration
Approached using different techniques
Language/Stylistic Devices
Historical and Biographical
Reader Response
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