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No description

Natalie Lewis

on 24 October 2011

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Transcript of Psychokinesis

Psychokinesis The term psychokinesis (from the Greek , "psyche", meaning mind, soul, heart, or breath; and , "kinesis", meaning motion, movement; literally "mind-movement) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychokinesis Spirit photography hoaxer Édouard Isidore Buguet[19] (1840-1901) of France fakes telekinesis in this 1875 photograph titled Fluidic Effect. Hajela, Deepti (October 3, 2005). "New exhibit looks at occult photography". Associated Press story. Retrieved January 19, 2008. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychokinesis "Psychokinesis, then, is the general term that can be used to describe a variety of complex mental force phenomena (including object movement) and telekinesis is used to refer only to the movement of objects, however tiny (a grain of salt, or air molecules to create wind)[34] or large (an automobile, building, or bridge)." ^ a b c d e Guiley, Rosemary Ellen (2001-07-17). Encyclopedia of the Strange, Mystical & Unexplained. New York: Gramercy Books. pp. 454, 456, 478, 609. ISBN 978-0-517-16278-1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychokinesis If someone walked up to you and bet you that they could pick up a park bench across the park, how much money would you put against them? What an extreme claim! What's the chance that it's possible to actually move an object of any size just using your brain? Miroslaw Magola lifts objects off the floor, 2009. Says Magola of his unusual talent for being able to stick metallic and nonmetallic objects to his body, "My ability needs a special concentration in my brain like 'switching something in my brain.'"[53] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychokinesis ^ a b "Interview with Miroslaw Magola the magnetic man". Retrieved October 11, 2011. Most Scientists don't believe that psychokinesis truly works or that it can be proved. ^ a b c Bösch, Holger; Fiona Steinkamp, Emil Boller (July 2006). "Examining psychokinesis: The interaction of human intention with random number generators--A meta-analysis". Psychological Bulletin 132 (4): 497–523. doi:10.1037/0033-2909.132.4.497. PMID 16822162. A systematic procedure of 380 studies done in 2006 discovered that a "very small" effect was shown but this effect could possibly be explained by publication bias It makes for an entertaining trick, but... "Scientists have been investigating PK since the mid-19th century but with little success at demonstrating that anyone can move even a feather without trickery involving something as simple and obvious as blowing on objects to move them." http://www.skepdic.com/kinesis.html "Perhaps in fifty years we will be using psychokinesis to open our garage doors or change channels on our TVs." --Dean Radin (parapsychology)
The website: www.deeptrancenow.com is a website that believes in psuedoscience It says: "So what can you move with your mind? Absolutely anything, if you can generate enough energy required to move the chosen object. The more fully you align yourself with your superconscious, the more you allow infinite power to flow through you freely, the more power you'll exert." That ANYONE can use psychokinesis and that we all do without even knowing it. But this website tries to sell you CDs, MP3s, and ebooks for all kinds of paranormal ideas, so it's not really a reliable source. » Click here to order Customized CDs and MP3s created specifically for your needs

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Solomonic Magic Looks realistic, no? This trick was probably performed by using a string. There's always an explinantion. A few famous people who appear to have psychokinetic powers : Stanislawa Tomczyk She's said to be able to perform telekinetic feats when under hypnosis. Nina Kulagina One of the most celebrated and scrutinized psychics to claim psychokinetic powers "....demonstrated her powers by mentally moving a wide range of nonmagnetic objects, including matches, bread, large crystal bowls, clock pendulums, a cigar tube and a salt shaker among other things." Uri Geller Most well-known "psychics" who has publicly demonstrated feats of psychokinesis "Geller has allegedly shown that he can manifest the effects over great distances and in multiple locations." Scientists say that this is the work of clever magicians. "...she produced remarkable physical phenomena under strict test conditions." http://paranormal.about.com/od/telekinesispsychokinesis/a/aa031703.htm
This website seems to be unbaised and gives points on both sides and it isn't selling anything. "Since the 1930s interest in PK has increased until it has created on of the fastest growing fields of research in parapsychology. This is particularly true within the Soviet Union and the United States. However, results from clinical-controlled studies have been contradictory. Some of the studies were attacked for the methodology while others were accused of being tainted by fraud." http://www.themystica.com/mystica/articles/p/psychokinesis_pk.html This is a .com website but it doesn't appear to be baised, uses a ton of sources and doesn't try to sell anything. http://www.xpetyus.eoldal.hu/cikkek/ezoteria/mit-kell-tudni___a-telekinezisrol-i_.html http://heyokamagazine.com/HTV.FEATURES.pg.htm http://themusingsofmisterwilliams.blogspot.com/2011/04/how-does-uri-geller-eat-yoghurt.html "[Psychokinesis] suffers from the problem of never having stood up to rigorous scientific testing, despite false claims you may have heard to the contrary. It has never been demonstrated before a skeptical audience with any degree of success." http://www.thekeyboard.org.uk/Telekinesis%20Fact%20or%20fantasy.htm http://bruceleeeowe.wordpress.com/2009/07/21/telekinesisminds-power/ "In considering principled arguments (i.e., scientific or philosophical, as op- posed to those motivated by emotion, an unwillingness to consider pertinent data, personal gain, etc.) against the reality of paranormal phenomena (psi1), three major lines are evident: the a priori improbability argument, the lack of evidence ar- gument, and the lack of evolution of psi argument. Although none of these arguments can be shown to be formally sound, they all carry some force among members of the scientific community." On The Lack of Evidence for the Evolution of Psi as an Argument Against the Reality of the Paranormal By Michael Levin "Clearly, dualism is a very unpopular worldview in the scientific community today. There are, however, other arguments which support it, both related to psi (Dilley, 1990; Levin, 1995; and references cited therein), and independent of it (Hodgson, 1991, Lockwood, 1989, Lucas, 1961, Madell, 1988, Robinson, 1993). Some thinkers do not find it cogent to support one dubious area of research (psi) with an even more dubious metaphysical worldview (dualism)." On The Lack of Evidence for the Evolution of Psi as an Argument Against the Reality of the Paranormal By Michael Levin This is a great source beacause it shows up in the "scholar" section of google and is printed in the scientific journal American Society for Psychical Research and has three pages of citations. So. In conclusion There isn't true evidence against psychokinesis but there is more evidence against it than for it, and there is no true proof of it ever actually being successful. It's too crazy of a claim to be believed without proof. "Extrordinary claims require extrordinary evidence." This claim has none. It's more of a magician's trick than anything scientifical. By Natalie Lewis "Thousands of published papers in para-psychology, for example, claim to report verified instances of telepathy, psychokinesis, or precognition. But those effects show up only in tortured analyses of statistics. The researchers can find no way to boost the signal, which suggests that it isn't really there."

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