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Figurative Language


on 23 February 2018

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Transcript of Figurative Language

Figurative Language
In Story Of My Life it says "And time.....is frozen".I think that this is a Hyperbole. I believe that this means their lost in time,trying to take in the

They use "Baby,you light up my world like nobody else." Which is a simile,it means that the girl lights up their world when they're feeling down,or just when they see her.To get to the point,she's the "ONLY one."
This is from "What Makes You Beautiful"
For my figurative language Prezi, I've used One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" & One Direction's "Story Of My Life"
It also uses Personification I think because, it says "I leave my heart open but, it stays right here in it's cage" ,& "I leave my heart open but, it stays right here empty for days."I believe this is Personification because, a heart can't stay in a cage it doesn't have a cage to stay in.And your heart can't be empty,like your stomach can.It might feel empty because of heartbreak, but, nothing more.
In conclusion,Figurative Language is in many songs we listen to.We just might not realize it,until it's pointed out to us.
"Story Of My Life" was released to tell the story of Niall Horan, Harry styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson , & Zayn Malik's life.
Here is a little fact to finish it off!;)
Harry, Niall , Zayn, Liam, Louis
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