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women in french revolution

No description

on 2 December 2016

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Transcript of women in french revolution

Women's role in the
French revolution.

Women participation.
The participation of women was very intense but unrecognized as a part of the French Revolution
Many philosophers defended the idea of women having the same rights as the others citizens
Condorcet: Fought for women to be considered citizens as to achieve equality under the law
Olympe de Gouges was one of the most important women of the French Revolution.

She with other remarkable women founded politic clubs.
Politics, news
and rights were
argued on
these politic clubs
women participated in some revolts:
The march of Versailles
Women began the revolution in Versailles by complaining about the market's increase, then assaulted the arsenal and took weapons joined by the politic revolucionist and took over Versailles.
Social class participation.
All kind of women participated, especially women form the third state, whose were guided by women belonging to upper classes, like burguesy women, noblewomen and royal family women.
with help from this philosophers who wrote the List of Grievances claiming:
Asset of Laws
Prohibition of instant laws
Dissolve Representave Houses
Abolish Absolut Monarchy
Obstruction of Administration of Justice
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