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The effects of disease on Chinese empires

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Kenjuan Gayles

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of The effects of disease on Chinese empires

The effects of disease on Chinese empires
What diseases hit china?
Introduced to china in 161, 310, 322.
Small Pox
Bubonic Plaguee
Effects of Diseases
Such unprecedented disasters led people to question traditional Chinese beliefs and opened the way for the rise of Buddhism. The severe population loss because of the diseases could have also caused the fall of the Han dynasty and several centuries of turmoil, until the revival under the Sui and T’ang Dynasties.
Effects (cont.)
However, in the 600s, the eruption of a new disease, arising from India or Africa, bubonic plague, caused another huge loss of life and probably contributed to the decline and fall of the T’ang Dynasty by 906. After 900, the Chinese had adapted somewhat to this scourge, and China saw its population and towns expand rapidly under the Sung Dynasty.
Idea 4
What were the consequences of long-distance trade?
The long distance trade led to the spread of diseases in China. Which then cause the break down of population. Which then led to the fall of many Dynasties in china including the Han, Sui, and T'ang.
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