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Band Biography

Haydn Kendall

on 20 September 2010

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Transcript of Whitechapel

Double click anywhere & add an idea an American Deathcore act started in 2006
named after the infamous "Jack The Ripper" murders in Whitechapel, England formed in Knoxville Tennesee
notorious for thier 3 guitarists that give them thier signature sound they have a focus on "mass exposure", and they have reaped the benifits by playing massive shows and gaining a growing cult following they have released 3 full length lp's since thier inception each album produced is a step up from the last in musical maturity and songwriting capability thier first album, "The Somatic Defilement",
was more or less normal death metal that included breakdowns and gory lyrics about morbid topics. Production quality was lacking, but this album still launched the band into the metal scene thier sophomore release, entitled "This Is Exile" is the album that garnered the band widespread popularity and notority for heavyness and songwriting capability. The gory lyrics were basically dropped in favour of a focus on religion. thier most recent release, "A New Era of Corruption", is meticulously produced and executed. The majority of the albums lyrics focus on economic armeggedon and the corruption flourishing in every level of government in the Western world.
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