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Cultural deprivation and ethnicity

No description

Charlotte Ball

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of Cultural deprivation and ethnicity

Cultural deprivation
inadequate socialisation in the home
Intellectual & linguistic skills
Cultural deprivation theorists see the lack of intellectual and linguistic skills as a major cause of under-achievement in many minority children.

Family structure
and parental support
Cultural deprivation theorists argue that failure to socialize children adequately is the result of a dysfunctional family structure.
White working
class Families
Nell Keddie (1973)
Described cultural deprivation as a 'myth' and sees it as a victim blaming explanation.
She dismisses the idea that failure at school can be blamed on a culturally deprived home background.
She claims that a child cannot be deprived of their own culture & argues that working class children are culturally different as oppose to being culturally deprived.
Cultural deprivation and ethnicity

Bereiter and Engelmann argue that many children from low income black American families speak language that is considered as inadequate for educational success. They see it as ungrammatical, disjointed and incapable of expressing abstract ideas.
However the Swann Report (1985) found that language wasn't a major factor in underachievement as Indian pupils do very well, despite not having English as their home language.
Asian Families
Driver and Ballard (1981) argue that Asian family structures bring educational benefit as parents often have a more positive attitude towards education & higher aspirations for their child's future and are more supportive as a result.
However some sociologists see the Asian family as an obstacle to success, despite the high levels of achievement from Asian minorities. This is because Asian families are 'stress ridden', bound by tradition
and with a controlling attitude towards children,
especially girls.
Ken Pryce (1979) also sees family structure as contributing to the under-achievement of black-Caribbean pupils in Great Britain. From a comparison of black and Asian pupils.
He claims Asians are higher achievers
as the culture is more resistant
to racism and gives them
a greater sense of self-worth.
Whereas, black-Caribbean culture
is less cohesive and less resistant
to racism so these pupils have
low self-esteem and under-achieve.
Attitudes and Values
Cultural deprivation theorists see lack of motivation as a major cause of the failure of many black children.
Most children are socialized into the mainstream culture which instils ambition, competitiveness and willingness to make the sacrifices needed to achieve long term gain.
However some black children are socialized into subculture that instils a fatalistic, 'live for today' attitude that doesn't value education and leaves them unequipped for success.
White working-class pupils underachieve and have lower aspirations.
For example: a survey found that 80% of 11-16 year old ethnic minority students aspired to go to university, as against only 68% of white pupils.
This may be as a result of lack of parental support, as many white working-class parents have a negative attitude towards education.
Whereas, ethnic minority parents may be more supportive as they see education as a way to move up in society, (social mobility).
1 - Inadequate socialisation in the home is

2 - What two things does Nell Keddie see cultural deprivation as?

3 - Cultural deprivation theorists see the lack of
as a major cause of under achievement?

4 - What did the Swann Report find?

5 - Why does Ken Pryce claim that Asian families are higher achievers?

6 - What does being socialised into a subculture which instills 'live for today' lead to?

7 - Driver and Ballard (1981) argue that
family structures bring educational success?

8 - Ethnic minority parents may be more supportive due to social mobility - what is this?
1 - Cultural deprivation

2 - a 'myth' and victim blaming explanation

3 - Intellectual and linguistic skills

4 - Language wasn't a major factor in underachievement

5 - Their culture is more resistant to racism & gives them more self worth

6 - Attitude that doesn't value education

7 - Asian families

8 - Move around social classes
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