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EXPLORE Results Explanation

No description

Meredith Dohmen

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of EXPLORE Results Explanation

Why Did I Take EXPLORE?
EXPLORE shows your progress in English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science.
EXPLORE will help you search for jobs and learn which ones might be right for you.
EXPLORE helps you choose high school courses that will help you prepare for a job or college.

The Student Score Report Shows...

Suggestions for improving your academic skills

Careers that match your interests

Signs of college readiness

Your Plans per EXPLORE
vs. Graduation Requirements
DMPS Grad Requirements
Four (4) Credits of English
Three (3) Credits of Math
Three (3) Credits of Social Sciences
Three (3) Credits of Applied Sciences
One and a half (1.5) Credits of Fine Arts
One (1) Credit of PE
Seven and a half (7.5) Credits of

Do your "plans" and the requirements match???

Your Scores
Your Composite Score is simply the average of the English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science test scores (rounded to a whole number).

Connecting the Testing
What does this mean?
Now is a good time to start setting goals for yourself. Is college in your future? What type of career do you want to have? How can you get there?

Conversations with your counselor, teachers, and family can help steer you in the right direction and help you find the support to meet your needs!

There are resources in your
school and the district to help
you be successful! Ask your
teachers, counselor, admin or SIL!
Career & College Readiness
Your score will help you know where to focus your efforts in order to meet your goal post-graduation, no matter if that is college or a career.
Do you know any 8th or 9th grade students that are currently "ready" for college or a career?

Me either.
It's not too soon to begin exploring possible careers!
Your EXPLORE Score Report helps you start by focusing on a few career areas.

Your Score Card - Side 2
The back of your Score Report describes the skills and knowledge you already probably have. You'll also see some ideas for improving even more in the different subject areas.
The suggestions are based on your scores and can help you do better.
You will
want to discuss these ideas with your counselors, teachers, and parents so that you can work together to get the most from your courses and be “career and college ready."
Example: Science
Use your Score Card to complete your EXPLORE Test Reflection.

Check out the EXPLORE website to learn more about the test, your scores, and your future.


What do I do now?
College Ready Skills = Career Ready Skills
So let's take a look
Brought to you by the DMPS Counseling and Assessment Departments
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