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Roaring 20s and Dirty 30s: Canadian Identity

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savana lowes

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Roaring 20s and Dirty 30s: Canadian Identity

Roaring 20s and Dirty 30s: Canadian Identity
In the 1920s Ford started an assembly line factory in Canada to build the Model T
The Model T helped Canadians in many different ways for example:
Not only did the Model T bring Ford to Canada, but it brought two other major car companies GM and Chrysler. With the car industry booming came the productions of trucks and tractors. The production of trucks had an amazing impact on farmers and helped with the transport of goods, and made farming more efficient.
Other effects of the Model T
Government and Automobiles
With the new technology of cars in the 1920s, the Canadian government realized the need for laws with the cars. The government put laws in place, like the drivers licence that is still a law today!
Government help in the 1920s
Canada is known as one of the biggest automobile manufacturers in the world, but how did we get this way?
About 70 000 Veterans were injured or disabled after the war. The government could not afford to help Veterans much, so they provided free heath care and gave them free training to help them get new jobs. But this wasn't enough to support most Veterans so in 1927, the Pension act was passed. This helped many people, but some people could not receive the pension act because: the strict requirements you had to meet to receive it.
Gave Canadians jobs in assembly line factories
Allowed for travel and the ability to transport people
Helped other industries take of eg. oil, gas repair shops and road construction
Cars had a great impact on development in Canada, helped set laws in place that we still have today and help Canadians in hard times.
In the 1920s little was done to help farmers in the Martimes who struggled to get by on little income. Many people pushed the government towards increasing payments to the provinces to help start international trade. This was called the Martime rights Movement. The government did minor changes to help farmers. One of these changes were raising tariffs on Martime products.
Farmers response to little help
The National Progressives was formed by a group of farmers in the 1920. Farmers had decided to form a federal political party. The National Progressives campaigned for the farmers of Canada. The Farmers campaign said they wanted to support farmers, and trading internationally with lower prices on tariffs and freight rates.
This showed Canadians and official leaders, that Canada is complex and made up of many different people. Therefore all of Canada couldn't be represented by only two parties.
How did this effect Canada?
Help provided to Veterans
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