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No description

Chris Makinano

on 12 March 2015

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Grassroots website
No budget management
Unnecessary Spending
Wasted Man Power
Lack of Leadership
Need defined mission statement
No commitment to meetings
Jackson has unprofessional mannerisms
Need Better HR
Need to Improve Recruiting Process
No evaluation system (Too many people leaving; why?)
No job descriptions
Lack of community involvement
No way to mass message community
No presence
No diversity, Only targeting one type of people
Grassroots Change Initiative (GCI):
Derived from the original USGCI (US Grassroots Change initiatives) created in the 1980's. Its purpose is to be a watch dog for public interest and advocate for consumer rights, environmental protection, and other progressive causes.

There are two offices. The one in our story is the original located in a suburban town that caters to the wealthy, educated, local clientele who believe non profits can make a difference.

This is an example of what should be done to improve efficiency and productivity.
Provide links to current events
Social media
Job and volunteer opportunities
Acquire funds

Grassroots Change Initiatives (GCI)
Main Characters:
Sue Thompson, Assistant Director
Jackson Tyler, Executive Director
Emily Lambeth, Office Manager
the common or ordinary people, especially as contrasted with the leadership or elite of a political
party, social organization, etc.; the rank and file
Chris, Leannedra, Kat
Sue can solve some of GCI's problems immediately by:
Stopping unnecessary spending and creating a website to campaign.

In the long run GCI needs to:
Come up with better human resources and hiring policies (hire HR staff)
Create an employee/ volunteer satisfaction survey
Scheduled structured meetings on a routine basis
Create strategic planning according to their mission
Be visible at community functions and do more charity
Get funding by getting grants and fund-raising

Make Leadership Accountable
Define leadership positions
Document meeting
Improve Human Resources
Create procedure for the hiring process
Create job descriptions to define duties
Create evaluation forms for volunteer & employees
Also exit evaluation
Be Accountable for Funds
Create a budget plan
Create a monitor system for funding
Make Efficient Community Connections
Create website

Sue was working in finance in the private sector for 4 years and wanted change. She saw an ad for GCI, had an interview, and was hired immediately. Right away, Sue learns that GCI is not what she thought it would be. She suggests conducting an evaluation to make small improvements but experiences philosophical differences with the upper management.
Basic Summary:
The GCI is created to empower students to take charge in local communities to work on behalf of citizens' interest.
Mission Statement:
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