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New Call Of Duty Game Ideas

My ideas on a new cod called ''Call of Duty Advanced Warfare'' it shows ideas on guns and what a call of duty should be like.

corby wagstaff

on 28 February 2011

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Transcript of New Call Of Duty Game Ideas

My Online Call Of Duty Idea GUNS My ideas of guns is to create a futuristic warfare scene with maxed out guns and attachments. Attachments Sniper attachments Thermal Scope-a dark white static scope that shows moving objects in white. Infra-red scope-basically is a thermal scope but shows heat signatures in red, blue, green and yellow. Silencer-gets rid of the bang when fired and decreases the range the bullet can fire. No scope-gets rid of the scope and makes it a rifle, decreases accuracy. Only available with some snipers. Bipod or Grip-they both increase accuracy but a bipod is not portable in use, it can be attached to windows or the ground. The grip is at the end of the gun and is portable for use. The other guns' attachtments are just practically the same, but there can be blades attached to the end of the gun. Pistols only have different attachments to primary guns which are speed reloader and have firmer grip handle. Others My othe idea is that with xp points you can get special stuff like knife-if you get it and do a match, it will be sickle if you are a russian a german special knife would be nazi storm soldier combat dagger and for black ops,ranger,british forces would be a combat knife with the countries flag on. Xp points With xp points you can get extras you don't have to buy guns with them you can only buy customizables and specials. customisable Armor This one would be top armor you would have to be level 75-100 to get this. The differens between each team with this armor is the flag that will be on his back the flag will be only on this one to show the pride in armor. this armor would be unlocked by being level 50-74 and the difference between in each team is the flag sticker on the shoulder. This is the armor you get while you are level 1-24 and the difference is the helmet and the flag symbol on the helmet.Russian=deer stalker hat,German=would be the one the picture has,Rangers,British forces=the original war bowl helmet and black ops would be night vision goggles with a balaklava. You will unlock this armor level 25-49 and not much differens between each team just the imprinted flag on the body parts of the armor. If you want to be different to othe players on line you can put camo on your armor and guns and put war symbols on guns or armor. Grenades Stemtex-sticky granade. frag-expolsive that roles. C4-a explosive package that is activated by a switch. Claymore-a explosive triggered by an enemy walking in t radius. nuke grenade-a little grenade shaped like a nuke,the explosion is big but the radiation will harm Flash/Stun-stuns/flashes enemy and blindes them. The ranks would be up to 100 and then you can prestige 10 times, you may think Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! but it will be easy from level 1 to 55 but it get will gradually get harder every level but it won't be too hard. Killstreats 1 kill=uav 3 kills=carepackage 5 kils=sentry gun 6 kills=homing rocket 8 kills=aircraft pilot 10 kills-cheetah squad 12 kills-bomber squad 15 kills-EMP 20 kills-Nuke Game Modes The game modes would be like the ones in the other but different maps.But there will be warzone where you can drive plains, tanks and AA turrets. the other game mode would be Create you can either create it on a massive field with some hills or you can use the normal maps and this may be copyed but different type zombies so the first you be original zombies where you run round a city chased by zombies and you can buy buildings and the normal nazi zombies. The best bit is to create your own map and make it a zombie map you and your friends can play. Created By littlewiggywoo Of my idea what call of duty should be like.
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