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European impact of the Americas

How the Europeans impacted the Americas!!

karoline gajdica

on 19 January 2013

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Transcript of European impact of the Americas

By:Karoline Gajdica/Divya Yadavalli Government Systems Economic systems Culture Traits Fun Facts North North One culture trait is unknown diseases were brought to the americas by all countries in Europe that came over to the Americas. Another is that the way they hunted was changed by guns and horses which were brought to the Americas by almost all of the European countries that came here.One more is that Spain encouraged Christianity everywhere in the americas. The last trait is that land owned by individuals was limited by hunting areas. European influence was HUGE in the americas! European Impact on the Americas! South Democracy came from
the sorrounding area of
the Medeterrainian sea. it
works by the population . Another system is a
Republic. It came from
England. A republic
works by:the power of the
people A republic is also heavily used in South America. A system called "Council
of the Indies" is used in South America. It came from Spain. The way this system works is that you would have a viceroy or vice-king that would represent the real king in all matters. South Cash Crops are used in North America. The idea was brought by England. The way this worked is that people would grow crops to sell instead of growing crops for food. Another system is a capitalist system. It was brought by England, Spain, and France! One system is substinence
farming or farming only what
you need. Another idea is Silver Mines! The idea was brought over by Spain! GO TO THE TABLE AT THE DOOR SIDE AND tHIRD ROW sECOND COMPUTER BACK TO WATCH THE VIDEO: tO PLAY IT PLAY AND LISTEN!
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