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Landform PBL

No description

on 25 October 2016

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Transcript of Landform PBL

Question: How are Volcanoes and Mountains formed?
We start by describing the object's physical attributes
How do we measure Change over Time?
This curriculum is designed to support and over lap the Year Long Objectives of the 4th grade History Curriculum. The essential question is "where do we live?" The essential questions explored during Science class for Q2 were: How are major land masses like volcanoes and mountains formed. What exactly are volcanoes and what do they have to do with our continents? What are Mountains made out of and how do they change over time? Can land masses like continents move?
Technology Used
and Teacher Resources






Children's Literature

Historical Account of Boston

Changing Matter
Landforms PBL
What does Massachusetts mean?

Massachusetts comes from the language of the Algonquian Indians of the Massachusetts Bay area - translated roughly as: at or about the great hill.
massa: great
wachusett: mountain place

*descriptive of the Great Blue Hill region, south of Boston

Physical Science Review of Matter via an object that our students are all very familiar with....
Recording and Analyzing our Data
Individual Observations
Looking for Patterns
Two ways of displaying the data based on different Criteria

Connecting our growth in cm and mm over 6 months of time
to the growth of Mt Everest over 365 days (end of study)

DNA and Energy (Bilogical growth vs. Tectonic Plate Forces)

What is the object and How does it work?
How will it change if I add air to it?
How do I add air to it?
How do I keep the air in it?
What will happen if I let the balloon go?
Blue Hills, Milton, Massachusetts

Massachusetts means by the big hill
The mountain systems of the earth are characterized by a tree structure, that is, many mountain ranges have sub-ranges within them. It can be thought of as a parent-child relationship. For example, the Appalachian Mountains range is the parent of other ranges it comprises, some of which are the White Mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains. The White Mountains are a child of the Appalachians, and there are also children of the Whites, including the Sandwich Range and the Presidential Range. Further, the Presidential Range can be broken up into the Northern Presidential Range and Southern Presidential Range.
Skills taught:
Scientists and the rest of the world uses the metric system
The metric system an easier system to learn
It is a base 10 system
100 cm in a m
10 mm in a cm
1/2 of a meter is 50 cm
1/2 also means .5
1.5 means 1 and a half meters.

Will 's approach to cooling down the heat contained in the play-dough.
How did the balloon change and what caused these changes?

Connecticut River Valley
Pliny Moody story 1802

Pangaea and the Continental Drift Theory
Tectonic Plates
Playdough was made by mixing liquids and solids over HEAT
Pushes and Pulls
explosions by design
kid created movement
earth quaking causing motion
Mauna Kea tallest mountain in the world:
when you measure it from the sea floor!
Wegener late 18's- early 19's
Mount Saint Helen's erupted/exploded in 1984
Mount McKinley
400 mya the Blue Hills were active volcanoes
mountain building
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