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Taking Sides - Issue 2.4

No description

Shannon Chipps

on 30 March 2016

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Transcript of Taking Sides - Issue 2.4

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Taking Sides: NO!
Many argue against the uniformity across schools and states
What purpose does standardized testing serve?
Issue Summary
Authors Kevin S. McGrew and Jeffrey Evans debate the consequence of limiting expectations of individuals with cognitive disabilities. The effects of the self-fulfilling prophesies could negatively impact individuals' experiences.
Taking Sides: YES!
NCLB held all students to the same high standards and expected all students, including students with disabilities to have the same educational outcomes.
Educators concerns about the standardized measurements of academic achievement.
58% of students receiving special education services under IDEA have a learning disability or cognitive impairment (p.199).
Author James M. Kauffman defends the concept that educators and parents should be aware and understanding that not all individuals with cognitive disabilities will be academically proficient. Focusing on developing appropriate skills is essential.
Group Discussion
Evaluate how NCLB Act of 2001 reauthorized change in vocabulary and practice due to requiring accountability for the funding for students with cognitive disabilities.
School are accountable for student performance and teacher qualifications
States and districts must set growth targets
Parents must be well informed on their student's educational options
Use of research-based instructional strategies
"Some students with disabilities are going to fail to meet standard educational goals regardless of the instructional strategies a teacher uses." p.208
Should Students with Cognitive Disabilities Be Expected to Demonstrated Academic Proficiency?
Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Special Education, Seventh Edition
Expectancy Effects
Self-fulfilling Prophecy is referred to as Expectancy Effects (EE)
EE and Intelligence
EE: How Large?
EE and Student Characteristics
EE and Educators Behavior
EE: Why Do They Occur?
EE: Caveats and Concerns
Behan, D. (2016).
Taking sides clashing views in special education
(seventh ed., pp. 195-211).
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