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Interior Built Environment

No description

Karyn bettridge

on 30 September 2015

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Transcript of Interior Built Environment

These specialists should be used on a needs basis.

Builders, plumbers and electricians should be routinely consulted...

If plans are not current or have inaccuracies it is highly advised to consult a surveyor before proceeding with a project.

Consultation with an architect or structural engineer is
necessary when making any alterations to structural
elements within a site.
Assignment Process...
Interior Built Environment
Assessment 2....

Original Brief...
While it is necessary to complete a personal evaluation of the site, it is also necessary to consult specialist professionals when contemplating any major modifications to an existing site.

Specialist professionals who should be considered are:

• builder
• plumber
• electrician
• surveyor
• architect
• structural engineer
• specialist installer/manufacturer

Consulting Specialist Professionals...
Demolition Plan...
Interior Documentation...
Existing Site Plan w/services...
NB: Pls choose a reception area or POS to detail....
Deliverables will include:

• Documentation of the interior including
- Site plan
- Demolition plan
- Lighting plan (RCP) and Electrical layout
- Section/s
- FF&E schedule
- 3D Model Views
Ceiling and Lighting Plan...
Electrical Plan...
Reception Desk Section...
POS Section...
FFE Schedules...
FFE Schedule
FFE about 4 pages...
3D Models...
Site Investigation - Reusable Materials
Bar POS...
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