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robin petrak

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of starfish

Starfish(Sea Star) Asteroidea
Where does it live? The greatest variety of starfish is found in the tropical Indo-Pacific. What does it eat? What eats it? What does it look like? Adaptations Special Characteristics Starfish are eaten by sharks, jellyfish, and crabs and other starfish. The starfish is shaped like a star (thats how it got its name). The natural colors of starfish are orange,pink,red,wite,blue.and green. Starfish are found in shallow and deep water. They move among rocks or coral and are always below the low tide level. By: Leah Petrak They have bony, calcified skin, that protects them from predators. Many have striking colors that camouflage them or scare off potential attackers. Starfish are famous for their ability to grow new limbs, and sometimes, entire bodies. Starfish eat clams, oysters, algea, fish, and sometimes starfish eat other starfish. They have tiny suction cups on their feet to help them catch their prey.
Sea stars have bony skin that keep them safe from most of the predators who might eat them. Many of them have bright or bold colors to help scare away attackers.

Their arms bend and have tiny little spines on them to help the starfish stick to rocks so it can crawl and search for its prey.
Starfish regenerating a new arm! Oysters Clams Fish Starfish
Starfish breathe through their feet and have little tiny breathing tubes all over their bodies.

Most sea stars can eat outside their bodies. They do this by putting their stomach outside the body.
Algea Crabs Jellyfish Sharks The water vascular system has many projections called tube feet on the ventral face which help the starfish move and eat. Tube feet Tiny suction cups Bony skin Tiny spines help starfish climb rocks.
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