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tourism planning

daranak falls

Regienald Monar Batarra

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of tourism planning

Tourism Planning and Development Proposed Tourism Development
Tanay,Rizal Significance of the Study

The Proposed development will determine the effectiveness of Daranak falls as the most popular tourist destination in Tanay and how it can help the tourism industry and economic development of the city. This study will also serve as an information site of the destination and a useful guide to people who would like to see the area. It will also give the readers an information or knowledge on how to develop and beautify an ecotourism site using feasibility study. Goals

The main goal of the study is to find a natural attraction in the country; which is DARANAK FALLS, for it to be developed and be able to bring out possible ways that we can to improve the appearance of a natural attraction and add various facilities to enhance the current condition of the site so that it would become more attractive and more beautiful, by this, we can make DARANAK FALLS as one of the seven famous wonders of the Philippines and we can able to attract different people from different areas to go, visit and appreciate the true beauty of the environment rather than man made establishments. And most importantly we will contribute to the success of the Philippine Travel Industry.

To generate income for the maintenance of the place.To expose the place for foreign investors.To introduce the Daranak falls in more convenient, less worries/hassle, comfort to the visitors or tourist.
To create a souvenir shop in the area where in tourist can bring home their memorabilia’s with them.Have a major reconstruction of the halls as well as the bathroom area.To provide employment.
Propose to the government regarding the salaries of the employers.
Make an AVP about the beauty of the Daranak Falls.
Make post cards for commercialization of Falls
Make commercial about the beauty of the falls.
To put a water level signage in every part of the falls for tourists safety.
To be able to make people close to nature and appreciate the true beauty of God’s creation. Strategies

Propose a developed plan to the local government so that the area will be improved and be able to promote it nationally and internationally.

Enhance and improve the infrastructure along the way going to Daranak Falls

Create a flexible development framework that over time facilitates appropriate commercial responses to changing market conditions.

Ensure that DARANAK FALLS is fully accessible to all and that all practical forms of public and private transport can be accommodated on site in a satisfactory, mutually supportive and efficient manner.

Make efficient use of all available sites, resources and areas, maximizing development potential and at the same time ensuring that a high quality environment is maintained.

Enhance and promote the public and user image of the DARANAK FALLS developing a strong sense of place with unique and memorable features that readily define its character. Socio – Economic and Political Profile Tanay is a first class municipality in the province of Rizal, Philippines. It covers an area of about 344.6 Sq. Km (34,460 Has.) making it the third largest Local Government Unit in the entire province (after Rodriguez, Rizal and Antipolo City, respectively). It is located 57 kilometers (35 mi) east of Manila, although a typical commute between Manila and Tanay will take between one to three hours depending upon traffic conditions. It contains portions of the Sierra Madre Mountains with bearings 14o 30' latitude and 121o 17' longitude and is bordered by Antipolo City in the northwest, Baras, Morong and Teresa in the west, General Nakar (Quezon Province) in the east, and Pililla, Santa Maria (Laguna province) as well as the lake Laguna de Bay in the south. Tanay is divided into two areas: the urban and rural barangays. The largest urban barangay is Plaza Aldea (2,530 ha.), and the smallest is Mag-Ampon (27 ha.). The largest of the rural barangays is Sampaloc (8,899 ha.), and the smallest is Cayabu (679 ha.). It is relatively wet from December to May and wet during the rest of the year. Northeast winds prevail in the province. It is not directly hit by typhoons, low-pressure systems and strong winds climate how to go there? From Manila ,ride LRT2 then drop-off at Santolan Station. Then, ride a jeepney either going to Antipolo Simbahan route or Junction-Tikling route. Ride for another jeepney going to Tanay then ride a tricycle going to Daranak Falls.

Leaders in the area
Governor : Casimiro “Jun” Ynares III
Vice-Governor : Frisco M. San Juan
Mayor : Rafael "Lito" Tanjuatco
Vice-Mayor : Jaime "Jimmy" Vista

One of the strength of our chosen area is its protected areas. The government chooses to limit the facilities and infrastructures to be built in the area. They also wish to maintain its natural beauty. It is the nearest waterfalls in Metro Manila that’s why most of the people can enjoy their vacation or outings with a little allocation of transportation budget. Whenever someone hears the splash of the falls, it relaxes one’s mind. One of its strength was the stone balancing that was made by the staffs at the area

•The site is difficult to go through (Limited land transportation services and do not have a specific way of transportation for commuters) especially when it was raining because of the road and the falling rocks from the mountain of Sierra Madre.
• It also lacks entertainment area. No near commercial establishment
•Concentration in accommodation infrastructure development
•Limited awareness of the market about the experience they can get on visiting the place•Rules and regulation were not strictly prohibited that causes pollution
•The management can’t control the crowd when peak season
•Not yet fully promoted to everyone. It must be known by most of the people so that they would visit the site.


•It has the opportunity to be known to the world as one of the great waterfalls in the world (Nature-based tourist spot located on the 4A Region) and Tanay, Rizal has too much to offer.
• It has also chances of gaining more money when the government chooses to build a souvenir shop in the area.
•New innovative tourism product in Rizal
•Growth and development of places intended for leisure and other events
•Increase community support and awareness in development of the tourism industry in the city
•Development of natural resources of the country
•Use of the tourism industry in growth of the business in the city
•The citizens of tanay could have work there and help to the productivity
•Development of culture and crafts

•Low yield markets
•Uncoordinated approach in tourism development and planning
•Safety and transportation problems
•If the rules and regulation can’t prohibited, the beauty of the falls will be ruined
•Local investors must be prioritized to give employment to the locals
•No more vacationers will come if there will be no easy way of transportation
• Malls or attractive establishment that might be built near Daranak Falls might be a great competitor because people nowadays appreciates more the beauty of artificial site not the natural site.

•Lack of innovative tourist product and infrastructure


1.Improve the natural appearance of Daranak Falls into a more attracting site that will be loved by Filipinos and foreigners.
2.To be able to make the site accessible to people and to showcase the true beauty of the environment.
3.We should be able to talk with the local government of Tanay, improve the employment rate in the area and put more transportation group going to the falls.
4.The main objective of the proposed plan is to clearly state the problem that blocks the development of the tourism industry in the area and find ways and assistance that may support the effectiveness and efficiency of the product development.
5.To develop the place and also to help to the productivity of the municipality were in the Daranak Falls could be one of the tourist spot in tanay, Rizal.
6.To attain this proposal we must achieve our objectives which are, compiling first all the paper requirements, push all the investors to cooperate and invest for improving and developing daranak falls.

We propose that the development should be done in the whole area of Daranak Falls. We have chosen this area because it wasn’t well known to the tourism industry and we have pictured out of our minds how beautiful it can be when facilities are enhanced and attractions are more emphasized. We also want to the social and employment states of the people in the area to increase. The facilities at Daranak Falls were function halls, picnic huts, comfort rooms, sari-sari stores parking areas and office at the entrance wherein guests can pay.

Inside the falls to improve all the amenities and facilities like safety bars and signage, stairways, and put some slides without overseeing the falls. For the outside all the fast food restaurants, motel and hotel it is placed outside to maintain the natural beauty of the tourist spot.
potential target market We divided the market in key groups that will maximize the economic, social and environmental benefits of the place. The following are the ones whom we consider as our potential target markets: A holiday vacation with babies and children under the age of 5 would be so stressful, so the place must be secured and hassle-free and there must be specific facilities or services intended to different age groups like bicycles, and baby chairs which are accredited for babysitting. The availability of the site of free-play facilities would also help children to make them want to visit the place. Aside from the falls as its natural tourist attraction, we could also bring out an imaginative toddler pools and availability of armbands for young children to provide safety and assurance. The water quality, sanitation and cleanliness of the place are essential. Availability of public toilets and organized eating establishments are also the key to attract the target market. Families with teenage children also develop their curiosity and try something new in the place. In order to catch their attention, we could develop outdoor activities like wall climbing, water sports, zip line, etc. Parents may also want their children to explore and have their own safe time. FAMILIES This group is seeking to challenge itself in both familiar activities and with new experiences. Safety and good instruction is however, important in doing land base activities offered by the resort such as mountain biking and other extreme water sports. YOUTH have health and beauty treatments –aromatherapy, head massage or facial for some visitors to wanted to unwind themselves from their stressful work from the Metro. High quality services and heritage attraction such as art centres and galleries will also be the key for them to enjoy their stay. OLDIES We are going to develop the facilities of the site for it to become more convenient and efficient. We are also going to find and make a short cut route going to Daranak Falls so that tourists won’t find a hard time going to the place.
The proposed developments were:

1.Camp sites
2.Bedrooms for over-night stay
3.Car parks with securities
4.Additional personnel
5.Introduce it to local investors
7.Road construction
8.Souvenir shop

Improving the site is not that easy. It requires a lot of thinking and a lot of efforts. We must plan well so that we would end up with the right changes and developments to be proposed. From what we have written and studied from the first part of our paper up to this part, I can state that our development plan is near to success, of course, with the participation of the government and the citizens of Tanay, Rizal.
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