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Copy of Gran, can you rap

No description

rob johnson

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Gran, can you rap

And she rose from her chair in the corner of the room
And she started to rap with a bim-bam-boom,
And she rolled up her eyes and she rolled round her head
And as she rolled by this is what she said,

Then she rapped past my dad
and rapped past my mother,
She rapped past me
and my little baby brother.
She rapped her arms narrow
she rapped her arms wide,
She rapped through the door
and she rapped outside

She rapped down the lane
she rapped up the hill,
And as she disappeared
she was rapping still.
I could hear Gran's voice saying,
Listen, Man,
Listen to the rapping of the rap-rap gran

I'm the best rapping Gran this world's ever seen
I'm a -
tip-top, slip-slap,
nip-nap, yip-yap,
hip-hop, trip-trap,
touch yer cap,
take a nap
happy, happy, happy, happy

rap - rap - queen.

Gran, Can You Rap?
by Jack Ousbey

She rapped down the garden
she rapped down the street,
The neighbours all cheered
and they tapped their feet.

She rapped through the traffic lights
as they turned red
As she rapped round the corner
this is what she said
Gran was in her chair
she was taking a nap
When I tapped her on the shoulder
to see if she could rap.
Gran, can you rap? Can you rap?
Can you, gran?
And she opened one eye
and said to me, Man,

I'm the best rapping Gran
this world's ever seen
I'm a flip-flop, hip-hop, rap-rap queen.
I'm the best rapping Gran
this world's ever seen
I'm a tip-top,slip-slap, rap-rap queen.
I'm the best rapping Gran this world's ever seen
I'm a nip-nap, yip-yap, rip-rap queen.

She's the best rapping Gran
this world's ever seen
She's a drip-drop, trip-trap,
rap-rap queen.
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