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Presented by Mun, Anis, Ain, MSJ, Maria, Syera

Rosmariah Rosli

on 1 January 2014

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Transcript of ICT TODAY

Human-Computer Interaction
The Background of HCI
ICT in the workplace
ICT in the Future
Haptics Technology
What is ICT ?
Stands for information and communication technologies
ict in education
ict in education refers to teaching and learning the subjects matter that enables understanding the functions and effective use of information and comunication technologies.
deals with all the systems involve increating, storing, sending or transmitting, receiving and manipulating these kinds of informations
positive impact.
1. information for people
2. improved access to education
3. access to information
negative impact
1. jobless
2. reduced personal interaction
3. reduced physical activity

1. Communication to different branches of business in much quicker
2. You can back up all of your documents onto as many different computers, USB sticks, external hard- drives as you would like
1. It can replace the jobs of human, causing the rate of unemployment to rise leading to the economy becoming worse leading to less things being bought, leading to less things being made, leading to fewer employees.
2. If the technology stops working then teachers will have to adapt and think of other things to do in their lesson
1. how ict help in education : Ict enhancing teaching and learning process.
- ict present an entively new learning enviroment
- critical thinking, research and evaluation skill are growing in students life
-students will not feel boring
the benefits of using in education:
- changing our notion of what schooling consists of and how it should be delivered
- notion of literacy have been changed and developed as a result of ict and literacy is central to most definitions of educations
-ict in the class room can be, seen as part of a continuum dealing with the use of previous forms of intructional technology
ict as tool or teaching machine
- lcd
- power point slide
- academic software
how ict help in learning session
- students can do their homework over the web
- it can encourage learning outside the school system
how ict can help teachers
- they can save teaching time
- they can improve their theaching
- they provide motivation for the learner
- they can allow a greater understanding of the topic
Human-computer interaction or human-computer interface
Study of the relationships which exist between human users and the computer systems they use in the performance of their various tasks
Computers are highly complex machines and human users are highly complex organisms
The Importance of HCI
To build computer applications that are jargon free
Able to concentrate on the interesting and creative aspects
To produce systems are both natural and transparent to use
To develop systems that do not involve in significant amounts of learning effort
What is ict in the workplace?
ICT now is needed in workplace
ICT used to productivity, progress of work,
communication and management
ICT accelerate the business and transfer the information fastly
The precise information help in making the right decision
Without ICT, works today cannot be fulfilled
All the employees must be master in ICT to compete with other agency.

Problem faced by the employees
Job changes
Job losses
Had to manage with these new systems
Systems were bought by managers without consultation with the employees
Managers were often beguiled by demonstration of clever computer games and animations
3. Your computer might get a virus
3. Productivity
With new technology, productivity should be increase as some activities will be speeded up
4. Lower labour costs
Machines and technology can replace some human tasks and over time this will make some employees redundant.
Contextual Awareness
Voice & Tone Recognition
ICT in the Future
Intelligent Routing to Devices
Eye Tracking Technology
ICT in the Future
Brain Wave Sensing
Internet glasses
Virtual Words
a feedback technology which using
that takes advantage of the user's
1. force
2. vibration
3. motions
by applying
by applying
by applying
Example of Haptics Technology Used in Today's World
game controller
steering wheels
in smartphones
Hard sensor
+ where you are
+ the condition
around you
Soft sensors
+ calendar
+ Your social
+ Past
Just Imagine...
Your PC advising you to leave home 15 minutes early
Take a different route to avoid traffic jam
to confirm a person's identity
to detect a person's health and emotional state
*This technology will open new opportunities in security & healthcare -
Game Design Thinking
being applied to
Non- gaming (business) applications
Non-gaming (business) applications
To make them more fun & engaging
While on the move, a person will be able to provide the precise description & even location of a street based issue USING SMARTPHONES & MOBILE DEVICES
While on the move, a person will be able to provide the precise description & even location of a street based issue USING SMARTPHONES & MOBILE DEVICES
can take photos
have GPS support
Eye tracking technology measures eye position and movements which are analysed through computer applications
Future laptops, smartphones and tablet could contains thousands of tiny imaging sensors built into display screen
Eye tracking technology could have many possible applications, including:
Law enforcement – lie detection

Airport security – identifying suspicious behaviour, e.g. to catch terrorists before they strike

Retail – recording, monitoring and analysing consumer behaviour to ‘tailor’ marketing to individuals

Websites feedback – gauging User experience and preference

Safety - alerting and awakening a drowsy or distracted driver would save many lives

Health care – assisting people with disabilities or paralysis to communicate (laptop) and improve mobility (electric wheelchair)

Human-computer interaction – using screen icons and a blink here or a gaze there. Say goodbye to the mouse and keyboard.
This technology is in development that enables the control of technology functions by the brain
A fighter pilot heads back to base after a long mission, feeling spent. A warning light flashes on the control panel. Has she noticed? If so, is she focused enough to fix the problem?
Military commanders may not have to guess the answers to these questions much longer, thanks to current advances in electroencephalographic (EEG) brain-wave detection technology. They could soon be monitoring the pilot’s mental state via helmet sensors, looking for signs she is concentrating on her flying and reacting to the warning light.
3D computer generated community that takes place in real time WHERE a lot of people can work on an endless number of tasks at once
Personal profile/Avatar
change your look or gender
control how you communicate and move
design your environment
Technology that can display directly onto our retinas while not blocking our sight
in the next 10-20 years, experts predict that internet glasses will replace smartphones
Imagine these viewing experiences;
1) giving a speech while information is streamed through your eyeglasses in real time
2)Viewing virtual recipes while cooking without losing your rhythm
3) Identifying horses or football players and getting odds, player statstic and live data via the glasses
google glass
ICT in Small Business
ICT plays a vital roles in our technologically powered economy. It help to define the standard to be obtained by the small businesses in order forits customer to benefit.
Helps small businesses to standardize their structural productivity.
To Store Information
Very easy to save
things and data
more accurate info
have an
space for data
Communication become :

Allow business to communicate with anyone around the globe including direct contact with video conference.

have a wonderful holiday
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