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Endangered Animals

No description

Myeonghwa Li

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of Endangered Animals

And Finally Endangered Animals Photo based on: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr Introduction There are so many species endangered by humans.
And we all should protect them all. polar bear otter gold colour frog Usually inhabited in middle or north Korea. Eat fish (such as catfish, snake head etc)
,frogs or crabs. Cause overhunting after korean War
Polluted streams
polluted fish abuse of pesticide develope rapidly 168 species have been extincted in current 20~30 years. Cause rised level of ultraviolet rays
spread of amphibia diseases triggered by global warming
polluted water by chemical materials represents endangered animals brought by global warming
NGOs warn they could be gone within 50years cuase melting glaciars
doubled summer space for resting & living
involving various microorganisms and plankton
main saurce of supplying nutrition
for seals seals' pathways have been ristricting reduced feeds reduced period for hunting
can't store fat for survival We investgated about
endangered animals.
And we are going to deduce
the solution for
protecting the creatures. Firstly, We should stop global warming.
Secondly, Protect our environment.
Lastly, encourage the creatures to increase their numbers. global warming We can use no disposable thing such as paper cups.
To reduce carbon dioxide, we can move on foot or ride bicycles.
The main reason of global warming is methane gas from cows.
So we'd better decrease the meat eating times The raws should limit poachs more strictrly.
We can reduce trash and not throw them directly
in the nature.
And activity of NGOs should be enlarged. For example, to understand the causes of population declines and extinction an experiment was conducted on the butterfly population in Finland. In this analysis, the butterflies’ endangered list classification, distribution, density, larval specificity, dispersal ability, adult habitat breadth, flight period and body size were all recorded and examined to determine the threatened state of each species. This experiment shows that when we know the causes of endangerment, we can successfully create solutions for the management of biodiversity. Another way to help preserve endangered species is to create a new professional society dedicated to ecological ethics. This could help ecologists make ethical decisions in their research and management of biodiversity. Also, creating more awareness on environmental ethics can help encourage species preservation. The collapse of the food chain and balance of the ecosystem finally affect mankind and bring us enormous damage environmentally. Efforts for
protecting animals the most important key to solve this problem is pay attention to global endangered animals and less develope for living together. hand cream themed with
endangered animals. CITES(Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) is a agreement to protect animals and plants witch is in dangerous level of its number. This agreement restrict too much hunting and taking.
Korea also enrolled in cites and try to protect lots of animals and plants which is endangered.
Many nations have laws offering protection to conservation reliant species: for example, forbidding hunting, restricting land development or creating preserves.
Only a few of the many species at risk of extinction actually make it to the lists and obtain legal protection like Pandas. Many more species become extinct, or potentially will become extinct, without gaining public notice. Thank You
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