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darby c3 tanksgiving

No description

Agassi Student

on 18 November 2015

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Transcript of darby c3 tanksgiving

this is what the flag looks like it is different then the one we have
they speak a differnt language then us it is kind of like spanish but it's not
what thay do is thay all gather to gether like some of us.
darby c3 tanksgiving
the flag
the kids and teens in ghana
food in ghana
how thay danc
thay dance in ghana and
give speches.
i do the same as the ghana
i play games and race and do the been bag toss.
thay all dance even the kids thay wave flag to celebrit.
ghana mostly dance in front of the family.
i dance in front of my family also

map in ghana
thay like to dance and give speches also have lots of funn.
ghana allways were dress and skirts grass things.
thank you for listning to my prezi for ghana
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